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    Difference in the AnxDep Index based upon the Attendance

    The Anxiety/Depression Index measures a person's level of anxiety and depression, high scores are worse. Persons with anxiety and depression are advised to take classes to help them understand and effectively deal with their situations. Is there a difference in the AnxDep Index based upon the Attendance of the courses (New ATT)?

    The Process of Informed Consent

    Explain the process of informed consent. Also explain at least 2 elements included in an Informed Consent Document. Address the following: Therapeutic Process Background of Therapist Costs

    Understanding the Development of Health Policies and Programs

    The goal is to understand the development of health policies and programs and address healthcare needs in the industry. Research two separate generations from the list below and locate sources which provide personal perspectives on healthcare access: Cohorts to Examine - Post War Cohort born between 1928 and 1945 - Boome

    Effects of Diabetes on the WBC

    Patient with diabetes has impaired circulation and WBC cannot be delivered to the site of bacterial invasion (Pt. has open wound with purulent drainage). What else happens the WBC itself as a result of having diabetes that affects its ability to fight infection?

    Managed Care, Collaboration, and Principled Negotiations

    I need help with the following research discussions (not more than a page) thanks. Managed Care 1. a. Given the ethical issues around managed care, discuss whether MCOs are good arrangements for patients. b. Provide a concrete example for either a pro arrangement or against arrangement. c. References Collaboration and P

    Health Laws: Physician Incentives

    I need help with addressing the following research questions from the following article (Physician Incentives - see below) 1. Consider this idea from the paper: "Medicine is a moral enterprise. Because MCOs are involved in the delivery of medical care, they, too, are moral entities. However, MCOs are also businesses ". 2. Ex

    Legal Aspect Healthcare

    A physician-hospital organization (PHO) consists of 15 hospitals - with 2,247 staffed beds - and approximately 500 physicians. The PHO operates in a very large section of South Georgia, including the cities of Valdosta, Tifton, Thomasville, Moultrie, and Waycross. The PHOs' physician members represent approximately 90 percent o

    Strategies & Procedures in Negotiation

    I need help with the following research assignment pertaining the article cited below. Women at Work in Australia: Bargaining a Better Position? Van Wanrooy, Brigid. Australian Bulletin of Labour 35.4 (2009): 611-628. Having been chosen to represent the women in their bargaining vs. their employers: 1. What are the

    U.S. Social Policies and Health Care

    Hello, I am struggling to understand the United States' social policies that are currently affecting health care today. What is the one most talked about social policy issue today in America for health care and why? Please clarify for me as I am trying understand more clearly. I hear a lot about ObamaCare but maybe there

    Healthcare Services and Health Financing Mechanisms

    Country Y is a middle-income country with a per capita GDP of USD 9,000 per annum. The country has a life expectancy at birth of 78 years. Ten percent of the population are over the age of 60 years. At present public healthcare services are delivered via central government-managed public hospitals that are financed by general re

    Financial Decision Making in the Health Science Industry

    The manager of a primary care health facility is planning to reclassify organisational cost items from capita-recurrent classification to fixed-variable classification. Discuss the implications of reclassification on financial decision making. I am looking for 550-750 words to help me get started on this question. I would als

    Legal Incident Reporting Requirements & Personal Style and Behaviors

    A. Legal Incident Reporting Requirements 1) Explain how root analysis is related to sentinel events and provide an example. B. Personal Style and Behaviors As people are different, they will also differ with the manner they react and deal with conflicts. Some will chose rationally between the strategies as to which one will

    Patient/Family Refusal of Treatment-Policy

    How does this agency's policy influence the professional nursing role? Mercy San Juan Medical Center ___________________________________________________ SUBJECT: Patient/Family Refusal of Treatment DEPARTMENTS: All PURPOSE: To outline the process for handling patient/family refusal of scheduled treatments POL

    Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio

    1. Briefly explain the concept of incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER). 2. Using the data below, calculate the average and incremental ICERs. Assume that the options are mutually exclusive. Hint: Sort options according to cost. Comment about the dominance of Beclomethasone over Salmeterol-high dose. Indicate you

    Middle East Conflict Sources Research

    Plase help with ideas for the following research paper. The main focus is on the sources of the conflict which could be on the National or International level. These conflicts are generally very complex, and multi-faceted. The focus is hence, to identify possible source A and then explain it, and so on. Part I - Background an

    Care Management: Recommendations for Patient Needs

    Situation: Mrs. J is a 44-year-old woman with advanced cholangiocarcinoma. She has been admitted to the hospital with a new onset of back pain, nausea, and vomiting. She is suffering pain from new spinal metastasis, nausea continuous, emesis daily, partially digested food, postprandial bloating, and early satiety. She has alread

    Fall Prevention Education for Seniors

    1. Submit an educational plan on fall prevention for seniors with objectives, content, resources, case scenarios, and handouts. 2. Submit a written copy of conceptual frame work use with educational plan on fall prevention in seniors.

    Pain Managment

    A 45-year-old Portuguese female, Mrs. M, with a 3-year history of squamous cell cancer of the cervix presents with severe pain in the perineum. The patient lives at home with 6 children ranging in age from 5 to 18. She speaks little English. Question 1: Background: The patient describes her pain as an 8 on the 0-10 scal

    Interpersonal Conflict and Resolution Strategies

    1. What are the sources and types of conflict that are most salient in the work place. 2. Can the Chinese setting be generalized to our workplace environments? 3. What possible management resolution remedies would be recommended for the work place? Leung, Alicia S.M. (2007) "Interpersonal conflict and resolution strategies

    Systematic Review

    Describe a systematic review and where it fits in the level of evidence. Provide rationale for response.

    Crouzon Syndrome

    Crouzon Syndrome is a genetic syndrome that cause facial malformations. It occurs in 1 in 60,000 births annually. This submission provides specific details about the syndrome and the treatments required to address the syndrome.

    Cardiovascular system.CHF, valvular disorders, cardiac dysrythm

    How do heart rate, preload, afterload, and contractility affect cardiac output and cardiac workload? How do the clinical features of the coronary heart disease syndromes differ? How do valvular disorders alter cardiac pressure dynamics and workload? How do the compensatory responses triggered in CHF work to restore card

    Objecting to Proposed Organizational Plans

    At a recent strategic planning retreat of a 40-person multispecialty group, the administrator made a presentation that focused on the coming year's plans to establish the organization's first two primary care satellites, which would be located in two of the community's growing suburbs. These satellites would require the hiring o

    Autoimmunity and Inflammatory Response

    Apply the concepts of autoimmunity and the inflammatory response to understand the differences between three types of arthritis: 1. Rheumatoid Arthritis 2. Osteoarthritis and 3. Gouty Arthritis.

    Needs/Capacity Assessments

    When developing strategies for not-for-profit and public health organizations, a needs/capacity assessment is performed. Why must this special assessment be performed in lieu of another strategic alternative assessment, such as a SPACE analysis?