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Fall Prevention Education for Seniors

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1. Submit an educational plan on fall prevention for seniors with objectives, content, resources, case scenarios, and handouts.
2. Submit a written copy of conceptual frame work use with educational plan on fall prevention in seniors.

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Fall Prevention Education for Seniors
Objectives are what you aim to accomplish with the education program. However, objectives
go beyond simply stating goals. Objectives are measureable, time sensitive, and specific. For example,
goals would be as follows:
1. Increase awareness of hazards for falls
2. Increase knowledge of fall prevention strategies
Objectives are more specific and should apply to the specific target population. Your education program is not likely to target all seniors so identify the audience. It could be all seniors attending a senior center in a particular community, all seniors seeking medical care at a physician office or clinic, or all seniors within a city or geographic area. If your program requires attendance it is likely targeting seniors within a specific location so good object examples are listed below:
1. Increase awareness of fall hazards among seniors at CYZ senior center by 75% within 6 months.
2. Increase knowledge of fall prevention strategies among seniors at CYZ Senior Center by 50% in 2 months.
This is the meat and potatoes of your education program. An outline helps organize content though it is not necessary. Break up content by topic and use a different heading for each new topic. ...

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