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    Topics in Health and Wellness

    Epistemological stance's influence on research.

    In research, an epistemological stance will influence how you choose a research topic as well as the methodology and methods you use. Review the resources this week to explore the role of epistemology in research. In what ways does the choice of an epistemological perspective or stance influence the formulation of a managemen

    Epidemiological Investigation

    I am in need of your expertise help and guidance, reading about you tells me that you are the right tutor to assist me, I am completing my capstone (MPH/epidemiology) and I am lost totally lost. I need your guidance step-by-step on this project. My topic is Elderly with HIV/AIDS: 50 and older. I have to develop and implement

    Define Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

    Can someone help me with these questions about CAM? In your own words, but using a source to support your words, please define Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)? Please research five statistics about CAM usage and list them in your post. Please then briefly discuss each statistic you offer.

    Data Analysis Statement for the Elderly with HIV/AIDS

    I am having trouble putting together this Data Analysis Statement capstone project and I need your assistance to show me how to. I definitely need your help and guidance can you assist me this is my capstone project and I am totally lost. My topic is HIV in the Elderly 50 and over. I have to describe the data use to evaluate t

    Abbreviations and computer systems in health care

    1-Translate and define the following abbreviations. In a short paragraph, share what you would consider the most important aspect of each. • AMR • CMR • CMS • CMS-1500 • CPT • DRG • EPR • HL7 • ICD-9 • UB-92 2-What occurred in the 1960s health care environment that influenced organizations to conve

    Pros and Cons of Regional Heath Information Organizations

    In need of some help with the below issues! Assess the pros and cons of Regional Heath Information Organizations (RHIOs) in achieving the goals of the National Health Information Network (NHIN). Analyze several key challenges that RHIOs face in achieving long-term viability, broad participation and financial sustainabilit

    External environment and data gathering

    I need help with transforming theoretical and general aspect of my attached study paper ( The External environment) to an executive audience meeting presentation using Microsoft Power Point (PPT) 13-17 slides; with the following recommendations inclusion to the power point presentation from the board chairman's review of the stu

    Practicum Learning Agreement

    I am to prepare a 1400-1750 words summative evaluation that analyses evaluates and summarizes my practicum experiences and the achievement of my personal objectives in my practicum learning agreement. I did my project on Fall Prevention in the Elderly to which I did an education plan and then had a training session with 20 sen

    Quality Management: SPC Tools

    Reading: Oakland, J. S. (2003) TQM: text with cases (Case Study 9, pp. 432-442). 3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Describe the use of SPC tools used at D2D? How could these tools be applied to good effect in your company or another you know well? Give examples to support your answer.

    Five Supplements or Herbs to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

    Find 5 supplements or herbs that may help reduce the risk of cancer or heart disease. List the 5 supplements you found as well as any information about them and how they may reduce the risk of cancer or heart disease. How supplements and herbs are regulated and how scientific studies are conducted on them.

    Community Integration Planning: Writing a Cover Letter

    Please help in writing a cover letter for the position of Integration Planning Analyst, for the Children and Youth Initiative Context: Hyi has brought together a group of influencers in Ontario who share a strong interest in integrated planning for children and youth aged 0-24 years. Representing a wide variety of organizati

    Disability Rights & History

    Please help writing ideas for a paper on analyzing a specific disability and how this disability is treated by society (include as much detail as possible). MLA format. Also, please provide at least minimum 3 references.

    CHF Re-admission Rates and Implications

    Heart failure is the most common diagnosis of 30-day re-admissions, yet less than 40 percent of patients who were hospitalized for heart failure had a follow-up appointment within seven days of their discharge. Successful interventions to reduce the rate of re-admissions that are needed to reduce the impact on re-admissions to p

    Second-hand Smoke

    Exposure to second-hand smoke increases the risk of adverse health effects. Second-hand smoke has been classified by the EPA as a known carcinogen (cancer causing agent). At least 9 states including CA, CT, DE, ME, MA, NY, RI, VT and WA prohibit smoking in almost all workplaces, including restaurants and bars. Many communities

    Economics of Health Care

    Could you help me evaluate the impact technological changes have had on the economics of health care and what these changes mean to the health care industry? I need to address least two (2) changes. Please also help me recommend a methodology decision makers can use to determine the benefit of technological solutions and th

    Disability Rights and History

    Please write a paper on disability history of the United States before 1865. Paper should focus on how disability is treated by society and history of disability before 1865. It should be at least 1250 words & in MLA format. Thanks

    Challenges of Peer Review of DNP

    Assessing professional competence and knowledge through peer-review and self-assessment are inherent parts of any professional role including the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). These sorts of assessments may prove challenging in a health care system where the role is a relatively new one and there may be a lack of clarity abo

    Self-Assessment Used by Unilever HPCE

    Read Case Study 7 on pages 408-424 of below textbook: (Attached). Oakland, J. S. (2003) TQM: text with cases. 3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Assess the strategy underlying the changing model of self-assessment used by Unilever HPCE over the six-year period of the case study. Evaluate its success in terms of bringi

    Conflicts in Healthcare

    I need help with addressing the following issues after going through the attached MED- ARB article; a. How do the relative advantages of mediation and arbitration create a synergy in a combined strategy of MED-ARB (doc attached); b. In addressing the question, what are the advantages of each method? c. How do they when combi

    The Economics of Healthcare

    Need help with the following. I need to debate whether or not economics apply to health care, and in what ways. I also need to evaluate the impact of economics on the health care system and the implications of a poor health care system on a nation. I need to select a statistical tool used to measure health economics and disc

    The Evolution of Strategic Management and TQM

    In addition to your readings, use the article below , to answer the following question. Calingo, L. M. R., (1996) 'The evolution of strategic quality management', International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 13 (9), pp.19-37 (Attached). What are the arguments for integrating TQM with the process of strategy

    Records & Info Mgmt

    1.Why the health department collects this information conveying the idea of how it serves the greater good? 2.What is the public's interest in privacy & why this is important in our society? 3.Why the department needs to infringe on the community's privacy. 4.How the department might ensure greater security. 5.What is on

    questions regarding a curriculum development for a presentation

    This is a masters study level. I have been tasked with creating a presentation to give to an elderly community in a senior living center. the presentation is on the Healthy Heart. My first objective was to interview experts in the field of heart care and compile the data to find out what the community needs are related to this

    Peer Reviewed Articles summaries

    Please provide 4 peer-reviewed articles which are specifically related to strategic alternatives in health care organizations. For each article provide a brief summary and include a brief analysis on how this might be helpful to a healthcare organization. I already have 3 I am working on and just need 3 more and running out o

    Difference in the AnxDep Index based upon the Attendance

    The Anxiety/Depression Index measures a person's level of anxiety and depression, high scores are worse. Persons with anxiety and depression are advised to take classes to help them understand and effectively deal with their situations. Is there a difference in the AnxDep Index based upon the Attendance of the courses (New ATT)?