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    Records & Info Mgmt

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    1.Why the health department collects this information conveying the idea of how it serves the greater good?
    2.What is the public's interest in privacy & why this is important in our society?
    3.Why the department needs to infringe on the community's privacy.
    4.How the department might ensure greater security.
    5.What is one applicable regulation, statute, or source that supports the ability of the department to collect this information?

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    This is a great series of questions to explore. The general public doesn't always understand the need to have their private information given. However, from a public health perspective, it is invaluable.

    1. So, why does the health department collect personal information? There are many reasons/situations that require it. From an Epidemiology stand point, much of this information can help detect or identify patterns. For instance, last summer Texas had a significant problem with West Nile Virus. Demographic information helps determine where the largest problem is and where it may be spreading to. This gives the health department a target for education on mosquito control. It also helps the dept. anticipate future needs. When the H1N1 flu virus first made its way into the U.S., there was a flurry of activity to ...

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    This solutions discusses the importance of collecting patient information and for keeping confidentiality. It provides some discussion or links relative to the requested questions.