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Creating a university grade system on Microsoft access.

Must be created in Microsoft Access

Create the following tables for a "University Grade System".

Student Info
Courses Taken

Courses Table:

Course (This is the key and is a six letter text field)
Advisor (This is a required 40 letter text field)
Extension (This is a required four digit extension field)

Put the following data into the table
MTH100 Robert Rubenstein 1375
CSS200 Suzy Simpson 1476
BUS101 Ed Espinoza 1567
SOC404 Fred Fong 1577

Majors Table:
Create a table with a primary key to identify the following majors:
Computer Information

Student Info Table:
Student ID (Automatically Generated sequential number)
FirstName (12 character text field)
MiddleInitial (1 character text field)
LastName (15 character text field)
Phone (Use appropriate mask)
Socsec (Use appropriate mask for social security number)
Major (Must already be in "Majors" table to be accepted)
Birthdate (Use appropriate mask for date)
Year in School (FR, SO, JR, SR)

Courses Taken Table;

Create a table that will store information about each student that took a course and what grade they received. The information should include the semester of completion.

Create an input form with appropriate form controls for each of the tables listed above (four) and put in at least ten records in the Student Info Table and at least twenty records in the Courses Taken table.

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