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    Topics in Health and Wellness

    Process and Steps of Internal Change

    1. List and briefly discuss The Eight Stage Process of Creating Major Change. 2. Briefly discuss the 5 Steps of the Grieving Process. 3. If you were beginning a self-improvement effort at this time, where would you start? Physical health, social love, values, occupational satisfaction. What actions should you take?

    Evaluation Phase in Strategic Planning Process

    One of the most skipped steps in the strategic planning process is the evaluation phase. Assume that you work for a hospital that has just implemented its 5-year strategic plan and the plan has been in effect for 1 year. What do you feel is the most appropriate way to evaluate this plan, and what time frame would you use for

    analysis of lung cancer

    I need help composing an analysis of lung cancer as compared to other leading causes of death in the state of Georgia. Í'm supposed to do two pages regarding the questions below; however, I'm currently stuck and am not sure as to where to begin. I need to include the mortality rates and the costs of lung cancer (for the most re

    Health Assessment

    Discuss disparities related to ethnic and cultural groups relative to low birth weight infants and preterm births. Describe the impact of extremely low birth weight babies on family and society (short and long term, including economic considerations, ongoing care considerations, and comorbidities associated with prematurity). Di

    Creating a Learning Environment & Avoiding Misconduct

    From a student perspective, faculty are central to the learning experience. Many of our students spend the greatest amount of time in class interacting with faculty. As such, faculty have the opportunity to cultivate relationships with students and are often in the best position to become aware of inappropriate conduct. How can

    Successful Implementation Plan

    Describe the elements of a successful implementation plan. Discuss how you would insure these elements were communicated to the key stakeholder for the implementation plan.

    Regulatory Requirements

    What role do regulatory requirements play in the entrepreneurial process in the health care field? What can health care entrepreneurs do to establish a solid ethical and legal foundation?

    Identifying the Transmission and Symptoms of the Flu

    Please assist in identifying the transmission and symptoms of the flu, the treatments that are currently available, and how your organization can help mitigate the spread of this disease. What are four possible questions regarding side effects of the treatments:

    Immune System Steady-State Simulation

    See Attachment and it does need a simulink model and matlab script attached to solution. Thank you looking if you may need more time or credits let me know Immune System Steady-State Simulation The problem is describing the immune response triggered by encountering foreign antigens. This response is called the CTL (Cytotox

    Leaders to admire

    Identify up to three leaders who you admire. They can be sportsmen/women, politicians, professionals, etc. Explain what it is that you admire in terms of the characteristics that these individuals bring to their leadership (e.g., psychological, performative, intellectual characteristics, etc.). Then say why you think that these

    Environmental Analysis and Strategic Assumptions

    Discuss the specific goals of environmental analysis: - What are an organization's strategic assumptions? - How may the strategic assumptions be evaluated as part of managing strategic momentum?

    Hazards in Food

    No. Onset date/time No. ill Symptoms Suspect food Where purchased When eaten 101 6/30 8:00 pm 2 Vomiting Salad, manicotti Tasty Food 6/30 6:00 pm 102 6/30 9:00 pm 1 Nausea Salad Tasty Food 6/29 6:00 pm 103 6/30 10:00

    Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

    Are entrepreneurs born or made? Explain your answer by describing three characteristics common to successful entrepreneurs. Include an example of a successful entrepreneur inside or outside the health care field.

    Education: Learning Styles

    Use the two links below to determine your learning style http://www.personal.psu.edu/bxb11/LSI/LSI.htm http://www.vark-learn.com/english/page.asp?p=questionnaire How does your identified learning style impact how you teach learners with diverse learning needs to include both atypical and typical learners as well as the inf

    Channel Distribution in Healthcare Organizations

    Please help me examine a healthcare organization's distribution channels and identify what channel is used. Help me explain how an organization works to meet the demands of the consumers by answering the following questions: How is the distribution channel effective in meeting the demands of the consumers? What improvements wo

    NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations

    Select one of the three NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations listed below, and perform a critical analysis of the report. - Option 1. HHE Report No. HETA-92-0073-2337, United States Postal Service, General Mail Facility, Denver, Colorado - NOTE: Deals with mail handling equipment. http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/hhe/reports/pdfs/1992-00

    Reliability and Validity in Research

    What is the meaning of reliability and validity as used in the research process? Provide specific examples of research studies that could be completed at your healthcare workplace or ask someone that you know that works in healthcare, specifically commenting on how reliability and validity should be controlled for in the stu

    Shortage of PCPs due to ACA

    Loan forgiveness programs such as through the National Health Service Corp (http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/) have been an important means of urging primary care providers to work in underserved regions of the country. This can include rural areas as well as medically underserved areas (MUAs) that can exist anywhere but often are found in

    Drowning and CPR

    Someone is nearly drowned. They were brought out of the water shortly after passing out: would it make sense for them to wake up on their own without someone having to give them mouth to mouth resusitation or CPR? Or is that unrealistic considering how the body is capable of surviving a near drowning experience? Would it be

    Empowering Management

    What activities could the executive team initiate to empower more management and staff to act on the strategy?

    Wellness and Prevention Marketing Program

    I need help with the following wellness and prevention marketing program. 1. Assess the marketing strategy of a health care organization with respect to wellness and prevention. What are the limitations to the current approach? 2. How you one improve wellness and prevention marketing program in such organization?

    The construction of a survey instrument that uses a Likert scale

    Describe the construction of a survey instrument that uses a Likert scale to gather customer feedback, and discuss how questions are developed. What are the opportunities and limitations associated with this type of survey instrument? Additionally, construct a quantitative, five-question customer satisfaction survey using the Li

    Applied quantitative methods and annuities: Investment for a group of physicians

    A representative of a reputable financial services company has approached you as a manager of a four-person group of anesthesiologists with an opportunity to purchase a 10-year annuity due for each member of the group. The annuity due would pay $40,000 each year beginning 5 years from now (i.e. at time = 5). What is the most you

    Applied Quantitative Medthods and PERT network

    Construct a PERT network and answer each of the following questions using the table attached. (table represents a project to convert a 20-bed unit in a nursing home to accommodate patients with dementia) a) What is the expected project completion date? b) What is the scheduled start and completion date for each activity? c)

    Sports: Aerobic Capacity

    Sports that demand the highest levels of aerobic capacity for success usually have the fewest skill requirements. Discuss a sport that falls into this category and review its skill and training demands.