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Topics in Health and Wellness

Capital budgeting is emphasized.

Capital budgeting is needed to properly allocate the large dollar amounts for major expansion and equipment purchases. The process is often perceived by employees as being very political. What procedures should an organization use to eliminate that perception and to provide for a good, consistent evaluation of capital projects?

A randomized open-label study is assessed.

In this discussion you will analyze one of the articles from the list below by answering the following: Briefly summarize the purpose of the study Identify the independent variable(s) Identify the depend variable(s) Analyze the type of design used. Choose one of the following studies: Befort, C. A., Nolien, N., Ell

Summarize short term assets.

When it comes to steady cash flow and days working capital, short term assets are the most important. I'd suggest strict payment terms and diligent collections efforts, to be the most effective in covering the organizations costs. I do believe that discounts for timely payments is feasible. You'd receive the money faster, bank i

Attributes of communication styles are examined.

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words and include a reference. Discuss the various attributes of each of the three styles of communication for both verbal and non-verbal communicators.

References for organ transplantation are

I am in the process of completing a research paper and I need help finding four peer reviewed journal articles that I can use for my paper. Please provide direct links or copies of the articles and any pertinent reference information. The articles need to specifically discuss Dr. Joseph Murray, who performed the first succ

Discuss human population growth.

How is human population growth related to environmental sustainability? Is sustainable growth possible with no ceiling on population growth? Why or why not?

Feedback mechanisms

Describe 2 mechanisms (1 internal and 1 external) presently being used in your healthcare organization that sends feedback from the customers that have been serviced by your organization. Please be specific as to how these mechanisms work. Discuss the most frequently used methods of gathering information about client percept

Customers in healthcare

Identify 3 internal customers and 3 external customers in your healthcare organization and explain how they are connected to the organization.

Solid Waste Management; Hazardous Waste Management

Describe how you would conduct a needs assessment process that aims at assessing the current problems related to the way trash is managed in the community, the existing resources or services available in their community to reduce/reuse/recycle and properly dispose of trash and how they may be improved? and Describe how you w

SARS quarantine

Is it true that while legal authority may have existed for the quarantine methods, the use of several quarantine measures, often without apparent regard to the particularized risk for which control was required in the SARS cases in Asia and Canada, may have served to undermine public credibility.

Diagnosis of patient with symptoms of muscle weakness.

Jamie is a 31 year old female who recently started having symptoms of muscle weakness. She says that she gets fatigued easily and has even had some numbness in her fingers. She is afraid to drive at night because she is having trouble seeing clearly. What could Jamie be diagnosed with? What test can her medical team do to

Healthcare finance is assessed.

Scenario: Health plans may pay a physician a per member, per month (PMPM) capitation payment for each person he or she is responsible for. Capitation is a payment methodology used in the health care industry. The chief financial officer (CFO) has asked you to create a brief summary of information regarding capitation. Gat

Discuss: Misdiagnosis in Healthcare

Please address the following questions: - What are some factors inherent in our healthcare system that lead to misdiagnosis errors? - What are some solutions to these problems?

MDR-TB synopsis

Does the historical aspect of TB infection cause concern about MDB-TB and the ability of quarantine measure to effectively control the spread of the disease? Why or why not?

Discussion question

What are some of the reasons that IT projects fail? If you have observed information systems implementations that were not successful, what were the indications of failure? What would you have done differently to prevent failure?

Quality in health care organizations

Everyone wants to talk about quality. Patient and employee surveys are always touted as being about quality. All marketing plans for global and local businesses of all kinds claim quality in their branding. But what exactly does that mean? Are the indicators truly quality indicators? Who defines quality for an organization?

Management errors are examined.

Error avoidance in CAS: One advantage of the joint postmodern/complexity lens is that managers might avoid some errors that would otherwise be pitfalls. Some of these are identified in the following list. * Failing to account for employees' ability to learn safe machine operation methods by experimenting on their own with

Contrasting performance review

Please help with the following problem. What specific performance measures might you use to measure quality versus quantity in performance reviews?

Human Resource and Department Manager training

Unfortunately, we have all had to sit through bad training programs. Most formal training in the classroom type setting is done by HR. Many HR personnel are certified trainers for that reason. The departmental manager is heavily involved in other types of training. One type of training that is a manager's priority is t

Training insight is offered.

Leadership is often caught in "doublespeak" where they support training in principle but not with a budget for ongoing development of staff. Executives often want to see a return on investment (ROI) with any outlay of expense. It is difficult to measure the value of training in hard dollars. Perhaps the biggest value in t

Management's upward or downward orientation is debated.

McConnell (2007) speaks to management as having either an upward or downward orientation. It is almost a given that a manager needs to be concerned with what upper management desires; however, the manager leads a group that depend on him/her for guidance and support in a variety of situations. This puts the middle manager in a

Internet screening and hiring employees

Potentially viable candidates may be overlooked due to a systematic impersonal screening process. The high tech low touch approach, as it is known, gets a lot of negative press as it were. My experiences have been more than positive both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. At the higher levels of the organization the

The Internet's Role in Recruiting Healthcare Workers

Why do you think the internet has been successful in establishing itself as a credible source of candidates for healthcare facilities? How does the hiring manager partner with Human Resources in the Internet recruiting process? How does the partnership differ to more traditional techniques? Or does it?


After reading the following articles I have answered the below questions but I still need help to ensure accuracy, thanks. 1. Why is it difficult to define terrorism? 2. Describe the criteria used to define terrorism. How does the criteria relate to the history and patterns of terrorism since 1945? 3. Why do terrorists

health care administration problems

1) Briefly describe the specific health care administration problem that you intend to address in your research project (include a single-sentence problem statement and a single sentence hypothesis at the end of this section). a) Discuss how you determined your research problem. b) Explain how your research question will influ

ergonomically designed lighting

Can the impact and considerations for ergonomically designed lighting and workstations have a positive or negative influence on increased energy use and green considerations in the workplace environment?