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    Aggregate Planning Assumptions

    Could you please help me with an assignment by answering the following question. What are some assumptions made by planners when organizing a community or aggregate? Thank you.

    Government Control of Public Health

    Of the federal, state, and local governments, which has the greater power in public health? Why? Cite specific examples. Please include references from peer reviewed sources.

    Evaluation plan

    Evaluation can be used to improve the quality of a program or to determine the program's effectiveness. Program planners can gain an idea of where the problems are or what changes and improvements are most needed. Planners can choose from a variety of evaluation approaches and designs. 1. If the Tobacco prevention and cessation

    Product, service, and social marketing

    What are the differences between product, service, and social marketing? Provide a health care industry example of each type of marketing. I would like your help with 200 to 300 words.

    Public Health and Health Marketing Campaigns

    Critique a specific CDC health marketing campaign and provide an overview of the important campaign components. How does this campaign appeal to the audience? Which communication theory is used? Which communication variable is used? Is this campaign effective & why, if so?

    Falsification of records and billing

    Falsification of records and billing are serious offenses and must be treated as such. When in an administrative position, you will be called upon to monitor staff to be sure that records and billing are accurate. Read the scenario below and respond in at least 150 words or more.: You are the assistant manager of operations for


    In retrospect, the entire story of prefrontal lobotomies is shocking. How could physicians, who are generally intelligent, highly educated, and dedicated to helping their patients, participate in such a travesty? How could somebody win a Nobel Prize for developing a form of surgery that left over 40,000 people in the United Stat

    Communication variables in health care

    Of the following three (3) variables, which do you feel is the most effective and least effective at conveying health promotion messages? Please explain your response. - Empathy - Control - Trust

    Creating change in an organization

    You work in an organization where miscommunication seems to be the norm. You are tasked with correcting this problem. What steps would you take in developing an effective organizational communication plan?

    Explore research.

    Research Proposal Topic This solution briefly selects and presents a researchable topic. Present that problem in a general statement about the specific need for the study. Why is the problem important enough to study?

    Prevention of motor vehicle injuries

    For the prevention of motor vehicle injuries, how are responsibilities assigned or delegated among the three levels of government (federal, state, local) and among various agencies of those levels of government? Who is responsible for what?

    electronic medical record

    Examine and describe the relationship between a organization's related processes, systems, and personal or professional roles and their effect on the implementation of electronic medical record.


    Which of the following benefits Military organization(choose only one) which is most salient and how does it affect the organization? Increased creativity, problem-solving and innovation -Higher quality decisions -Improved processes -Increased quality -Improved communication -Reduced turnover and absenteeism and

    Organizational Goals Pertaining to Military Organizations

    What is the best way to discuss these questions pertaining to Military organizations. -What are the Operative goals in any Military Organization? -How do they stem from the organization's external environment? -How are they converted into action plans?

    Wyeth v. Levine

    Discussion: Read the below information on Wyeth v. Levine 1. Who was the plaintiff in this case? What was the complaint? 2. Who was the defendant? 3. In 2-3 sentences, briefly summarize the case. 4. What implications for a change of climate in the health care setting does this case have? Healthcare Leaders Supreme Co

    Focused listening

    Before, during, or after discussing or reading a specific topic, select one or several terms or concepts that are important to you and define the term using your own words; or, list several ideas that are related to the concept.

    Morale integrity

    What are ways to maintain morale integrity in professional decision making?

    Mandated Benefits

    What are Mandated Benefits and what impact do they have on the labor market?

    Managing People to Achieve Effectiveness

    HRM activities involve the acquisition and utilization of human resources: Planning Recruiting Selecting Training and Development Utilizing Rewarding Which one (choose only one) of the above is best implemented in a Military Organization? Explain? Which one (choose only one) of the above is lacking in M


    PUBLIC HEALTH often use of quarantine and isolation to contain epidemics. It identifies the laws, ethics, and public policy of isolation and quarantine In 2007 Andrew Speaker was diagnosed with an extremely drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis. Despite knowing his diagnosis, he traveled by commercial airplane to Europe to be

    Factors Affecting Insurance Supply

    How will each of the following affect the supply for insurance: a. a larger pool of insured persons b. lower administration costs for insurance companies c. higher premiums (with no change in risk experience) d. a greater degree of risk aversion on the part of insurers

    Objection to vaccination

    Vaccination programs have been among the most successful of all public health measures in terms of efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and widespread use. Yet most states grant exemption from compulsory immunizations due to religious or philosophical objections. Many parents are choosing to opt out of childhood vaccinations (MMR) and

    Management Discussion

    Why would managers at every level of an organization need access to financial management?

    The Quality-Adjusted Life Year

    What is a quality-adjusted life year? How can it be used to compare differences in health status between someone who is healthy and someone who is not? Can it be used to compare health outcomes of someone who is ill with someone who has died?