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    Aggregate Planning Assumptions

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    Could you please help me with an assignment by answering the following question.
    What are some assumptions made by planners when organizing a community or aggregate?
    Thank you.

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    Aggregate planning is looking at the whole over a designated period of time and making predictions based on research based information. In healthcare, this is often difficult due to a number of fluctuations. This can be pricing, usage of stock, healthcare trends and patient use of facility services. Although there are many more factors to be considered, it is safe to say that healthcare can be a highly unpredictable market and aggregate planners must ...

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    This solution highlights some of the assumptions made by aggregate planners in the healthcare industry. The article reviews the process of planning and creating a successful community project so as to illustrate why certain assumptions are made in the process. Additionally, the process includes three reference sources for further research of the topic.