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    Aggregate Planning and Organizational Goals

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    1) What is aggregate planning?
    2) Provide an example of when you or your organization relied on aggregate planning.
    3) How did aggregate planning help you achieve organizational goals?

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    Aggregate Planning

    1) Aggregate planning is an "'attempt' to match the supply of and demand for a product or service by determining the appropriate quantities and timing of inputs, transformation, and outputs. Decisions made on production, staffing, inventory and backorder levels"
    (Source: http://www.uo guelph.ca/~dsparlin/aggregat.htm)

    2) As an educational institution of adult degree programs, my organization relies heavily on aggregate planning for budgeting purposes and market targeting. Part of aggregate planning is forecasting needs, such as personnel; how much to allot to advertising; amount of space to use for classrooms, which would include physical overhead; and, how much ...

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    Aggregate planning and organizational goals are determined.