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    Aggregate Planning in Business

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    1. What is aggregate planning? Provide an example of when you or your organization relied on aggregate planning. How did aggregate planning help you to achieve organizational goals?

    2. Provide an example of how material requirements planning systems (MRPs) are used in your organization. How can MRPs be used to improve processes?

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    Aggregate planning is an operational activity that is done in advance, usually from two months to over a year.

    In my organization, we did this type of planning in October 2010 to plot out our product sales [the product is health drink] for 1st quarter of 2011. That planning helped us to achieve our target sales by January to March 2011 and even surpassed it by 10.2%. What was done in the planning was to target health ...

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    This 267 word solution dissects the essence of aggregate planning in business. It discusses also on how material requirements planning systems (MRPs) are used to improve processes in an organization. Additionally, this solution includes one reference for further investigation of the topic.