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    Topics in Health and Wellness

    External Forces Team

    External forces have forced a change in direction for an organization. Describe how the roles and responsibility strategies that managers can utilize to communicate and implement a successful change within the organization. This is in relationship to staff participation.

    Cesaren section birth rates

    1) Why has there been an increase in C-section births and what can be the possible impacts on the future of health care delivery due to this increase?

    Global Health Law: Health in a Global Community

    International organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental, have focused on protecting and improving the health of our global society, often by targeting social and economic conditions rather than simply specific diseases. Choose one of the organizations: Major Intergovernmental Organizations Working on Health or Major

    Research studies

    How are research studies in the United States funded? Does the source of funding impact the focus and/or reported outcomes of the studies?

    Types of Data and Registries

    You work in a cancer center at a multisystem, major medical center. Because of some staff turnover in the cancer registry department, you have been asked if you are interested in a promotion to a position in that department. This would require some additional education on your part, but you are interested in the challenge. B

    Emergency Preparedness for Public Health Disasters

    The United States' public health and healthcare delivery system are among the most vital components of the nation's preparedness against terrorism and natural disasters. On a smaller scale, this is also true for a community's preparedness against terrorism and natural disasters. However, when there are no plans and no action ste

    Choose a topic important in the area of public health.

    This solution models a topic in the area of public health. * Discuss the significance this topic has in the area of public health * Past, current, future statistics * How it relates to the community * Financial impacts on communities * Goals for the future

    Create a floor chart.

    Using flow-charts, explain how the acid-base imbalance in the body can lead to acidosis and alkalosis. Use tables to: Differentiate between respiratory and metabolic acidosis Differentiate between respiratory and metabolic alkalosis http://labtestsonline.org/understanding/conditions/acidosis

    Evidence-Based Pratice Report

    I need help on investigating and writing an evidence-based practice report on the topic of Asthma in Adults. I must create a list of at least 10 (7 must be primary research from peer-reviewed journals) on the topic.

    Steps of the vomiting reflex are depicted.

    Using a flowchart, explain the different steps of the vomiting reflex. Also, explain how the vomitus characteristics are indicative of different gastrointestinal disorders.

    Leadership is characterized.

    What is effective leadership? How do you know a leader is effective or ineffective? What qualities make a leader effective?

    Universal precautions and infection control issues

    Describe the guidelines for universal precautions, any rules or laws that apply and explain measures for infection control. Include an explanation of why these measures are important and what consequences may result if they are not implemented. Please provide references.

    Mediocre doctors are characterized.

    What are the factors that produce or develop mediocre doctors? How can this mediocrity be measured? How do we bring mediocrity to a minimum?

    ELSI is assessed.

    Visit the Web site of the National Human Genome Research Institute. http://www.genome.gov/ â?¢What is the ELSI program? â?¢What are some of the ethical, legal, and social issues the program is studying?

    Outbreak at Watersedge - Epidemiological Investigation

    This posting answers the questions below after accessing the "Outbreak at Watersedge" interactive game. a. What is something that happened in the interactive investigation? b. How did you feel during this investigation? c. What did you learn from the investigation? d. How would your learning impact your practice a

    Anesthesia Code Modifiers and Anesthesia Classifications

    Your good friend Ryan has called you from school because he has a test tomorrow on anesthesia and radiology. Because of the recent job you received working for an oral surgeon, he felt you were a great choice for help. Topics he feels unsure of still on anesthesia are the 4 classifications of anesthesia and the 4 different sets

    Endowment and fundraising questions are examined.

    Pretend you had to Interview a development director of a charitable organization what would/should you expect to discover from him/her? Discuss those findings.....interview the development director regarding his/her involvement with preparing fundraising strategies for endowments etc., What would you expect he/she would say when

    This solution explores ideas for balancing personal and professional obligations.

    McGinn ends his book by telling us to Stop and Smell the Roses. How do you strike that balance between professional and personal? How do you pursue excellence and maintain your mental health? How do you do â??whatever is necessary to get the job done and simultaneously have enough time for those you love? Is it possible to b

    Analyze weight loss and fad diets.

    Review Weight Loss Pills and Fad Diets. Medical experts tell us that being overweight/obese is an epidemic in America. What can or should we do as a society to combat this epidemic? Is sheer motivation or will power enough in order to lose weight? Please include an outside source/article that can help us all learn more about th

    Air pollution reduction ideas are offered.

    Air pollution is an environmental health problem in many cities in the world. Residents in an urban community through which a major freeway transportation route runs are suffering from a number of health effects. The local organization arranges for you, a health educator, to consult with a nurse from a local community-clinic t

    Food Safety

    Have you ever felt sick to your stomach, maybe you thought you had a stomach bug; it just might have been food poisoning. What steps could be taken to reduce risk of acquiring a food borne illness at home and out at a restaurant?


    You have been assigned to teach a group of students about a topic related to models of behavior change. The students within the group display learning styles that include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Compare two technological instructional methods or materials for this topic and this group of students in their abilities

    Minimizing Threats and Maximizing Business Opportunities

    a. Identify one threat and one opportunity for each of the external environment factors 1) Competitive 2) Regulatory b. Identify strategies from organizations that minimize the each of the threats and maximize each of the opportunities identified from the external environment.

    Health and Environmental Safety

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be the last choice when developing hazard controls. Think of a workplace hazard for which PPE is the most common control measure. What could be done to raise the measures on the hierarchy of controls (such as use of engineering controls or administrative controls)? What are some of the