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Health in a Global Community

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International organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental, have focused on protecting and improving the health of our global society, often by targeting social and economic conditions rather than simply specific diseases.
Choose one of the organizations: Major Intergovernmental Organizations Working on Health or Major Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) Working on Health.Do a Research this organization to find out about its various initiatives. Focus on at least one of its initiatives and examine how this organization impacts global health. Are the efforts of this group effective? How could it be more effective? In what ways are the group's activities interdependent with that of other public health-related organizations?


1. How has this organization impacted global health? Summarize at least one of the major initiatives?

2. In what ways are the efforts of this group interdependent with those of other public health-related organizations?

3. Explain whether this organization is reaching its stated mission?

FOR THIS WORK I HAVE CHOSEN TO DISCUSS :Doctors without Borders/Medicines sans Frontiers (MSF)

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Doctors without Borders has impacted global health in a very important way, due to the fact that this organization has been instrumental in bringing effective medical care to crisis areas throughout the world, that would otherwise not have the benefit of such services. The effective and efficient medical care that this organization provides has saved countless lives in war-torn areas around the world, as well as impoverished areas throughout the globe. In addition to the obvious benefit of saving the lives of those individuals that would have died without the expert medical care provided by this organization, Doctors ...