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    Contrasting performance review

    Please help with the following problem. What specific performance measures might you use to measure quality versus quantity in performance reviews?

    Human Resource and Department Manager training

    Unfortunately, we have all had to sit through bad training programs. Most formal training in the classroom type setting is done by HR. Many HR personnel are certified trainers for that reason. The departmental manager is heavily involved in other types of training. One type of training that is a manager's priority is t

    Training insight is offered.

    Leadership is often caught in "doublespeak" where they support training in principle but not with a budget for ongoing development of staff. Executives often want to see a return on investment (ROI) with any outlay of expense. It is difficult to measure the value of training in hard dollars. Perhaps the biggest value in t

    Management's upward or downward orientation is debated.

    McConnell (2007) speaks to management as having either an upward or downward orientation. It is almost a given that a manager needs to be concerned with what upper management desires; however, the manager leads a group that depend on him/her for guidance and support in a variety of situations. This puts the middle manager in a

    Internet screening and hiring employees

    Potentially viable candidates may be overlooked due to a systematic impersonal screening process. The high tech low touch approach, as it is known, gets a lot of negative press as it were. My experiences have been more than positive both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. At the higher levels of the organization the

    The Internet's Role in Recruiting Healthcare Workers

    Why do you think the internet has been successful in establishing itself as a credible source of candidates for healthcare facilities? How does the hiring manager partner with Human Resources in the Internet recruiting process? How does the partnership differ to more traditional techniques? Or does it?

    Corporate training programs

    What are the advantages and drawbacks of corporate training programs? Are there any alternatives to formal training programs?


    Please help me explain: Explain the implications of the rising healthcare cost for the stakeholders of the organization. Among these, you are asked to give special attention to patients.

    Health care organization morale

    What affects morale in your organization? Why do people stay? Why do they quit? What are some barriers to positive employee relations?


    You have been assigned to teach a group of students about a topic related to models of behavior change. The students within this group display learning styles that include visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Compare two technological instructional methods or materials for this topic and this group of students and their abilities

    Billing and coding help

    Jack is a billing and coding specialist in a busy ophthalmology practice. A friend has told him that if he uses the practice of unbundling codes when billing, he can create more revenue for the practice. : What does Jack's friend mean by unbundling codes? Is this a legitimate way to create more revenue? Why or why not?


    After reading the following articles I have answered the below questions but I still need help to ensure accuracy, thanks. 1. Why is it difficult to define terrorism? 2. Describe the criteria used to define terrorism. How does the criteria relate to the history and patterns of terrorism since 1945? 3. Why do terrorists

    Abuse type is noted.

    As a clerk in the risk-management department at a local hospital, you are familiar with the concepts of patient abuse in the health care industry. Given your expertise in the field, you have been asked are to host a discussion panel on the various types of patient abuses with your colleagues. In your posting, you are to incl

    health care administration problems

    1) Briefly describe the specific health care administration problem that you intend to address in your research project (include a single-sentence problem statement and a single sentence hypothesis at the end of this section). a) Discuss how you determined your research problem. b) Explain how your research question will influ

    Public safety and religion

    Gratuities in the public safety field are a topic of debate. A review of the research appears to offer conflicting viewpoints. Supporting your response with a minimum of two peer-reviewed references, make your case as to whether public safety leaders should condone or prohibit the acceptance of gratuities.

    ergonomically designed lighting

    Can the impact and considerations for ergonomically designed lighting and workstations have a positive or negative influence on increased energy use and green considerations in the workplace environment?

    Medical records

    Details: A primary care physician and her partner, who have just opened their own practice, newly employ you as a medical assistant. Instructions You have been asked by one of the physicians to research information and recommend a quality control procedure for completing chart audits for the practice. What would you recomme

    medical errors" as a descriptor of adverse medical outcomes

    What do you think of the term "medical errors" as a descriptor of adverse medical outcomes? After all, there are many medical procedures and treatments that are inherently risky and painful. Given this fact, is it conceivable that the health care delivery system many never be able to operate free of error?

    Medisoft is summarized.

    What is Medisoft? What are the uses of Medisoft? How is it useful in entering and retrieving information? Based on your findings, would you recommend it?

    Code of Conduct

    The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has mandated that organizations have policies in place by January 2009 for codes of conduct for employees. Evaluate the Sentinel Event article and describe the policy. Include: 1) Sentinel Event Description 2) Purpose for event reporting http://www

    Types of medical records are emphasized.

    - What is the purpose behind developing and maintaining this massive collection of data in the cancer registries? - Do you think cancer registries are beneficial? Explain. - What are some of the problems associated with cancer registries? - Are cancer registries prone to errors?â?¢Will cancer registries be able to kee

    How to handle Food Contamination and Product Recall

    Case Study: A leading bakery in middle America suddenly began receiving calls of complaints where metal pieces were found in a recent production of cracked wheat bread. No similar complaints were recorded for other bread or rolls made on the same production date. Cracked wheat bread from production dates before the date repor

    SARS Virus and Protein

    Please provide details on the following: 1. Obtain the SARS virus genetic virus and gather info on proteins in that virus. Gather details on proteins made by this virus. Please submit the answer in doc or docx.