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What internal politics and group processes that led to Enron's downhill?

Please help with this assignment: The Last Days of Enron -The events surrounding Enron during early 2002 clearly presented some ethical problems for management, some political problems for public officials, and of course some financial problems for investors. Fundamental to the misdeeds of Enron are the various social forces

A Correlation Study

Hi, please read the article "Strength and Power Predictors of Sports Speed." See attachment. One of the point of this class is to help me become better consumers of research literature through understanding the methods and workings of scientific research. Therefore, please consider this as you read the article and be sure t

Food-borne illnesses can cause serious health problems.

Food-borne illnesses can cause serious health problems. How are food-borne illnesses contracted? What are some ways you can protect yourself and others from food-borne illnesses at home? Give three examples to support your answer.

Patient's experience of being a patient

A patient is any person who receives medical attention, care, or treatment. The person is most often ill or injured and in need of treatment by a physician or other medical professional. "Discuss the patients experience of being a patient". Kind Regards, I would just like to say thank you for all your help, you have been

Martin Luther King Jr / Drew Medical Center - Accreditation and Certification

The Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center in South Los Angeles and its status have been hot news items in Los Angeles for quite some time and also received considerable national attention. With the countless problems identified at the medical center, certifications and accreditation were lost leading to ultimate closure of

Integrated Performance Paradigm

The Integrated Performance Paradigm describes a model to maximize performance enhancement and injury prevention. This model suggests that concentric muscle actions are preceded by eccentric muscle actions. And for optimal performance, the amount of time to switch from the eccentric-to-concentric contraction is one of the most de

Learning Theories Presentation

I need to develop a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that provides an overview of two assigned theories. k. Each theory will include a discussion of the following: 1) Overview 2) Scope/application 3) Major tenets/principles 4) Example (of application) 5) References The presentation includes speaker notes to expand

SMR - Why the muscle spindles become overactive due to poor posture.

Deb, As always, I liked your post - a great summary. Let me throw something out at you This has always confused me. As you stated, the muscle spindle lies within the muscle fibers (Intrafusal fibers) and act as a protective mechanism, activating the muscle to prevent it from being overstretched and causing damage. Like you s

Inhibitory Techniques

Inhibition of overactive neuromuscular tissue is an effective 'stretching' technique in the overall continuum of flexibility. However, not every client responds to these methods identically. From your experiences, what have been some 'adverse' effects of these inhibitory techniques, and what modifications have you made (or would

Dangers of tattoos

Please help me get started - I need to write an expository essay on the dangers of getting tattoos.


Mr. F, age 46 years, has a history of persistent, unproductive cough for several months that has not responded to cough medication. He also has fatigue and anorexia. A diagnosis was made of active TB infection in the lower lobe of the right lung. He was prescribed antitubercular drugs and his family was scheduled for testing and

Reproductive System Disorders

Reproductive System Disorders 3. Describe the altered function resulting from: a. hypospadias b. cryptorchidism 4. Explain why BPH occurs in older men. 5. Lists the signs of BPH. 13. Describe the causative organism and the manifestations of vaginal candidiasis. 14. Explain how an abscess may develop in P

Lupus erythematosus

Mrs. Sanders has a history of intermittent pleuritic chest pain and joint pain for several years. No specific cause could be identified until recently, when blood tests indicates systemic lupus erythematosus. At the time, protein was found in the urine and an eyrthematous rash was apparent on her face. QUESTIONS: 1. What

Medical Informatics

1. In what ways are Health Care or Human Service organizations unproductive or inefficient? Describe a piece of technology that could help improve productivity or efficiency; it could be software or hardware, currently existing or a future technology. How would it make the organization more productive, more efficient, provide be

Crime Scene Investigations

Please help me answer the following questions: 1. Crime scene investigators often find just a few bones of the victims. Which bones are typically used in crime scene investigations? 2. How do the investigators tell how tall the victim was from these bones?

Patient Satisfaction Survey & Quality Control

The clinic administrator at Big City Clinic is concerned about two issues. One is a pressing issue of how to ensure the clinic is being responsible to its patients. Second, the physicians have mentioned that they are not getting as many new patients as they think they should, and the reasons are unclear. They believe that market


Given the number of possible users, medical records can be very comprehensive and lengthy. In your role as medical assistant in a physician's office, the medical records you have seen do not have the kinds of detailed information that can be on the medical record of a hospitalized patient. You wonder if you and your colleague

Natural Substances

Your mother-in-law (for example) came to you and said she is now taking an Asian herb that she purchased on the Internet. What questions and/or concerns would you have about this issue? What might you do to find out more information about the herb? Do you believe that all natural substances are safe? Why or why not?

Policy Making

How does the external environment (stakeholders, regulations, accrediting agencies, etc.) affect the policymaking process? Please post references


I am searching for someone to help assist me with the important factors in these cases. I have no experience with patients with serious cardiopulmonary issues. ANy key factos that i should have to consider in regards to the patient from a physical therapist point of view I would appreciate. My teacher is way over my head in the