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    Topics in Health and Wellness

    Examine spirituality in health care

    By being an active, caring, and supportive listener, a health care provider can be an invaluable assistance to a patient's ability to cope with fears, anxieties, and previous history. What are three ways a health care provider can show this kind of openness in listening? Justify your rationale and offer at least one citation to

    Premature Retirement Attitude

    Congratulations! You have just been promoted to the senior executive level. That is the good news. The bad news is that your new assignment is to head one of the hospitals in the corporation that is known as a place where hospital employees, of all disciplines and levels, go to spend some easy years before retirement. Unfortu

    Brainstorm incentives for proper workplace behavior from this case.

    Address each of the questions posed below: Jack Elliott heads a key department at your hospital. Robert heads another key department. Jack and Robert truly despise each other. Robert had an affair with Jack's wife, resulting in a divorce from Jack, and Robert's marriage to Jack's former wife. During the course of the ending mar

    Immunizations are emphasized.

    Immunizations are an essential part of public health and must be regulated to ensure the safety of all individuals. There are many issues currently surrounding the vaccination process and the rules that govern this process. Public health workers are continually bombarded with concerned parents regarding the safety of vaccines an

    Examining Occupational Hazards

    A woman visits her primary care physician and reports chronic low-back pain. The woman works as a nurse in a hospital. 1) Identify some of the occupational hazards that may be contributing to the patient's low back pain condition. Describe the role of a Health Educator in the hospital in minimizing the risk of back injury

    Multilevel interventions

    There are two parts to this discussion question. 1. What are the advantages of using multilevel interventions over one that includes a single activity/focus? Are there any disadvantages? If so, what are they? 2. Review the levels of Prevention. Consider a community health care issue. Using the levels of prevention, descri

    Mission Statements Problem

    Examine the importance of a program's mission statement, goals, and program objectives to all the target population What is your workplace target population(s)? Share an example of a program used in your workplace along with its mission statement, goals, and program objectives.

    Physician-Patient Relationships

    Need help developing answers to the following: The traditional model of hospital privileges and fee-for-service practice can be described as a partnership, a sharing of responsibility between the physician and the institution: What does each party in this partnership contribute to the partnership, and what does each expect

    Health and Environmental Safety are simulated.

    Put yourself in the position of the manager for EH&S at a large three-shift manufacturing facility for household products. You have worked long and hard to begin the implementation of a new â??safety cultureâ? at your site, but you are seeing evidence that the plant manager (a traditional old timer) is only giving â??lip se

    Local Governance for Health Care

    Should every community have its own healthcare organization with its own mission, or should hospitals be like Target and Wal-Mart, where the mission is set once for the world? If there is a virtue to individual community missions, what is it, and how should a local governing board establish a mission? Why is it important t

    Procedures for Filing Patient Complaints

    Could you please help with the following question. Mrs. Smith had a terrible experience during her hospital stay. The food was cold, her pain was extreme, and she thinks she went home too early. Whom should she contact to file a complaint and what will happen after she files a complaint?

    Zero Accidents as Safety Manager

    As the newly-hired safety manager for a high-hazard chemical manufacturing firm, you have been told by the CEO that he wants to set a goal of zero accidents for the upcoming year. What is your response? Explain your reasoning. If you disagree, what alternative would you suggest? If you agree, what is your plan for implementation

    Leadership is exemplified.

    Please help answer the following questions: How would a first-line leader act to fulfill the purpose and functions of operational leadership in his/her area? How does the senior leadership team know that it has filled the purpose and function of operational leadership well, and how do they evaluate their own contributions?

    Discrimination law

    Question: Which discrimination theory would apply if a female employee was required to use the male changing room, in a small hospital surgery department, because she was the only female employee? Individual Disparate Treatment In this theory, the employee accuses the employer of treating him or her in an unfair manner or

    Needs Assessment

    Define and discuss the term "needs assessment" as it relates to community health nursing. What specific characteristics or considerations would be important when conducting a needs assessment for a core community and its subsystems

    OSHA and CDC are summarized.

    Health care organizations must continuously evaluate their performance having in mind regulatory and accreditation requirements. Among some of the regulations we could mention: HIPAA oriented to protect the privacy and security of health information; HITECH evaluating meaningful use of health information technology; Patientsâ??

    The difference between a community and an aggregate

    Define both community and aggregate. Differentiate between the two concepts. Describe an aggregate that you would like to assess as a nurse for the purposes of community nursing. Definitions of community and aggregate from a healthcare perspective Differences between aggregate and community Identification and description

    Ethical and legal principles of organ donation.

    Go to http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/3840.html Read the CEJA Reports: 7-A-05 Presumed Consent for Organ Donation and 10-A-05 Organ Procurement Following Cardiac Death, Amendment. Synthesize the reports. What are the main ethical and legal principles being promoted?

    The Nuremberg Code and Research Ethics

    Read the Nuremberg Code. Analyze and comment on the code. Correlate the code to modern day ethics such as gene replacement therapy, or in-vitro fertilization.

    Theory of a human physiological process is summarized.

    Based on knowledge of how body systems function, defend or reject scientistsâ?? claims that humans can live to at least 120 years. Describe an overall underlying theme that connects all body systems. Referencing a current news article about a new theory of a human physiological process, describe a topic from that articl

    Clarify Financial Statements.

    What is the primary difference between financial statement analysis and operating indicator analysis and why are both types useful to health services managers? Describe the mechanics of the market multiple approach to business valuation.

    HIPAA is explicated.

    Look under the official government website relating to HIPAA, www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa, to find the answers to frequently asked questions about HIPAA. Describe five questions and answers that you believe all health care professionals should know.