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Occupational Hazards

A woman visits her primary care physician and reports chronic low-back pain. The woman works as a nurse in a hospital.

1) Identify some of the occupational hazards that may be contributing to the patient's low back pain condition. Describe the role of a Health Educator in the hospital in minimizing the risk of back injury for the nurses working in this facility.

2) Discuss how the traditional model of injury causation may be used to explain this case of back injury.

3) Describe how these workplace hazards can be minimized by establishing controls a) along their path to the worker, and b) at the level of the worker.

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One occupational hazard that may be contributing to the patient's low back pain condition, is the constant standing that is required of nurses for up to 12 hours at a time. Standing for long periods of time can cause lower back pain in many individuals, who must stand and walk as much as nurses do. Another possible source of the nurse's back pain could be the lifting that is associated with helping ...

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The solution examines occupational hazards that may contribute to a patient's low back pain condition.