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    Health and Environmental Safety

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    Put yourself in the position of the manager for EH&S at a large three-shift manufacturing facility for household products. You have worked long and hard to begin the implementation of a new â??safety cultureâ? at your site, but you are seeing evidence that the plant manager (a traditional old timer) is only giving â??lip serviceâ? to your efforts and program. Some of his entrenched attitudes might have been picked up by others within the management structure of the plant. You have scheduled a meeting to discuss the progress of your program with the plant manager. What would you say or do to address the issue of his lack of â??buy-inâ? to the program? What aspects of your program would you offer to bolster your presentation?

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    During my meeting with the plant manager, I would first congratulate him on how efficiently has been running the plant, and how his efforts contribute greatly to the facility. Next I will let him know that in order to continue his good work, he will need all of is employees to remain healthy and safe ...