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    Topics in Health and Wellness

    The future in health care

    Could you please help with the following: The future projection is that of a shortage of physicians. Do you see greater autonomy for the allied health professions in the future, free to practice without a physician?

    Fundamentals of Medical Terms

    You are talking with some of the medical assistants at your work. A few of them were complaining that they did not understand why they needed to know terms that were associated with all of the body systems because they only deal with conditions and procedures in just a few systems. Answer the following question: 1. Why is


    A quantitative dissertation is assessed.

    Financial Matters for HealthCare Professionals

    Address the following regarding the various types of short-term financing available to health care organizations: o Explain the differences between accounts payable and trade credit. o Explain the opportunity costs involved with some types of trade credit. o How do short-term bank notes provide what am

    Improving a caregiver's spirituality

    Could you please help with the following question. What is one thing that can be done to refresh a caregiver's spirituality in order to better care for their patients' spirituality?

    Multilevel interventions

    What are the advantages of using multilevel interventions over one that includes a single activity or focus? Are there any disadvantages?

    Creative Conflict

    What instance of creative conflict...predicated on a change that was made in healthcare.... have you experienced or seen wherein the conflict caused a positive outcome ?

    Decision Tree for Self Care

    I need assistance explainng the decision-making process used when deciding whether or not to seek medical care for the types of symptoms listed in the chart. Provide an example for each of the five symptom categories; one example of when you would treat the symptom yourself, and one example of when you would seek professional ca

    Treatment Options For Clinical Pain

    I don't need someone to write the paper but I do not have time to complete the research or the outlining of the paper. ANY level of assistance will be greatly appreciated, but obviously the more the better. :-) If you feel like the credits are not enough for the work, please let me know. This is the first time I have used this s

    The law of healthcare administration overview

    What are the implications for professional or organizational liability regarding delegation and supervision when the licensed health care professional supervises non-licensed persons in an organization (such as nurses and nursing assistants)? a. What does it mean for a practitioner to have â??medical staff privi

    Primary Care Practice: Medical Procedures

    A primary care physician and her partner, who have just opened their own practice, newly employ you as a medical assistant. You have been asked by one of the physicians to research information and recommend a quality control procedure for completing chart audits for the practice. What would you recommend? You should consid

    Discussion on Health and Wellness

    If wellness and health are more than the absence of disease, how are they defined? How might they be determined for an individual? How might they be measured in a community, or a nation?

    Claims for this procedure

    A 74 year old obese female with tespiratory failure requires mechanical ventilation. During surgery, two procedures will be performed. First, due to her chronic respiratory disease, it is assumed that she will require long-term ventilatory support, necessitating tracheostomy placement, Second, due to the obesity and excessive ce

    Successful Strategic Decisions

    Identify and discuss some of the types of strategic decisions health care organizations or organizations in general has to make to be successful.

    Challenges of ineffective leadership in a work setting

    Identify some of the challenges/problems of ineffective leadership in a work setting. with these identified challenges/problems provide potential solutions. What barriers are encountered when implementing such solutions.