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Primary Care Practice: Medical Procedures

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A primary care physician and her partner, who have just opened their own practice, newly employ you as a medical assistant.

You have been asked by one of the physicians to research information and recommend a quality control procedure for completing chart audits for the practice. What would you recommend?

You should consider the following to include in your completed material:

1. Outline a possible procedure to conduct chart audits.

2. Describe the quality improvement model to be followed.

3. Research and recommend associations they may want to be affiliated with to keep informed on healthcare quality standards.

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Since the advent of managed care, the primary care practice has been regarded as the point of responsibility for the preventive care measures of patients as well as the starting point for the coordination of the advanced service offerings of medical specialists. With this responsibility comes the need to focus on the structure, accuracy and completeness of the patient chart. To ensure the quality of any practice's patient recordkeeping, it is vital that a comprehensive model of chart auditing is established and followed on a routine basis.

Although there are several auditing methods available for medical practices, for the purpose of verifying accuracy, consistency and thorough documentation practices are being followed, random sampling is an excellent method help reduce the associated costs and generally optimize staff's use of time in the process as long as the number sampled well represents the patient population ...