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5 steps to billling an office visit

A scenario that demonstrates how services rendered for a patient visiting a doctor's office would be handled.
All 5 steps included and described

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You may want to reference your textbook or lesson to find which exact five steps your teacher is looking for but this is what it looks like:

The interaction begins with the office visit: a doctor or their staff will typically create or update the patient's medical record. This record contains a summary of treatment and demographic information including, but not limited to, the patient's name, address, social security number, home telephone number, work telephone number and their insurance policy identity number. If the patient is a minor then guarantor information of a parent or an adult related to the patient will be appended. Upon the first visit, the provider will usually give the patient one or more diagnoses in order to better coordinate and streamline their care. In the absence of a definitive diagnosis, the reason for the visit will be cited for the purpose of claims filing. The patient record contains highly personal information, including the nature of the illness, examination details, medication lists, diagnoses, and suggested treatment.

The extent of the physical examination, the complexity of the medical ...