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    Business Script for a Patient's Visit to a Doctor

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    Write a business script for a patient's visit to a doctor's office. Write a second script for ONE of the following:

    a) Visit to a hair salon/barber shop,
    b) appointment with an attorney to write a will or
    c) visit to CPA's office to prepare your tax return.

    Describe the similarities and differences between the doctor's visit and your other selection. Invent a generic name for the process that can apply to all three.

    In other words from beginning to end, document the exact steps that a customer would take at the two different types of businesses. Try to create or use generic names, so how does the customer "Check in" process versus saying something like, signing the log at the salon or such. Think of the script as a list of WHO you speak with, WHAT you talk about, etc. STEPs in the cycle of a typical customer transaction with those two types of entities!! So who did you make the appointment with (or did you just walk in)? Did you check in, sign in, etc? Who did you see next (prelim, like a nurse before a doctor, etc)? How did you pay for the transaction (yet another agent or?)? Just walk yourself through those visits and then compare and contrast.

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    Joan calls Dr. John's office and makes an appointment. She arrives at the office ten minutes before the appointed time and signs in. The receptionist asks if there is any change to her information. After thinking, Joan says no. She hands the receptionist a list of her medications and supplements.

    The receptionist tells Joan to take a seat and she will be called. The receptionist closes the window to the office and steps away.

    Joan takes a seat, picks up a magazine and proceeds to look through it. She picks up a second magazine after ten minutes. After reading through the magazine, Joan checks her email and then her watch for the time. After twenty five minutes the nursing assistant calls her name from the doorway to the back and without conversation or directions she follows the assistant to the scale where she is weighed and then to a room. The assistant then asks a series of questions about the reasons for her visit, takes her blood pressure, and temperature. She promises the doctor will be in soon and leaves.

    Joan waits another ten minutes. The physician's assistant comes in and sits down and goes over the history and asks questions about Joan's health. She goes over the medicines Joan takes and asks what the visit today is for. After discussing the problem, the PA excuses herself to speak with the doctor. The PA is gone approximately five minutes and then returns with suggestions from the doctor. Joan asks questions for a few minutes and the PA then leaves, saying the nurse will be in to draw some blood.

    A few minutes later, the nurse comes in, draws the blood and directs Joan to the ...

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