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    Medical Ethics: Elderly Patient Autonomy

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    Are there times when working with an aging individual that other values ought to override patient autonomy? What are some potential difficulties with attempting to uphold the value of patient autonomy. Give an analysis of autonomy as it relates to other important ethical values when working with or handling the affairs of the aging patient. Explain the ethical foundation for the answers you give.

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    Patient Autonomy vs. Beneficence in the case of the Elderly

    Essentially, the question of patient autonomy and beneficence in the case of elderly patients influence decisions doctors and health care professionals consider when deciding upon due care for the needs of elderly patients. Patient autonomy is the idea of independence in terms of deciding on what to do, what steps to take in relation to one's medical condition, in curing or seeking to cure and rehabilitate one's self from an illness. It is always the case that people ought to be free from influence that would push them one way or the other in terms of dealing with their health. They should be given access to the right information and their decision, informed by this will be independent of influence. Beneficence is the notion that people who know better, who are trained and more informed about a particular concept or practice should take the ...

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