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Business Correspondence

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Last winter, in consultation with your doctor, you chose to have some minor surgery done. This elective surgery requires a hospital stay of approximately three days and at least another four days of recuperation time at home. Originally the surgery was scheduled for early February. You made the necessary arrangements at work but were told at the last minute that rescheduling would be necessary because of the shortage of beds due to recent funding cutbacks. You re-booked for late May, again reorganized your working schedule, and now have been told a second time that the procedure will have to be rescheduled. Write a letter to the hospital expressing your frustration with this situation.

You work for the hospital. You are doing your best to accommodate all patients but there isn't enough money to keep all the wards open and emergency cases are given priority. Respond to this patient.

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Business correspondence is examined in the solution.

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For part A of this assignment, I will share a few pointers for each response letter to get you started:

- You may begin the letter with To whom it may concern or enter the name of the administrator or other individual you wish to address the letter to.

- The body of the letter should state the reason for the communication, all of the facts involved and how you would like to see the matter resolved.

- The closing should include your name and a telephone number or e-mail address at which you could be contacted.

- The letter ...

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