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    Technology Advancements and Written Business Correspondence

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    Technology has made the process of communication both easier and more difficult. Identify 5 technical advancements which have had a significant impact on written business correspondence (e.g., word processing, spell-check etc.). Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using those advancements in the workplace. This should contain at least one paragraph and one reference for each advancement.

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    Technology has improved written communications in many ways. Gone are the days of pecking out important correspondence on a typewriter, mailing it off and waiting for a response. Technology now enables us to send communication with the blink of an eye, checking and correcting our spelling, collaborating on projects, moving large files, and adding multi media not even anchored to a desk or location. With these changes come advancements in communication, as well as unexpected drawbacks.

    Business communication has accelerated with the advent of technology. We are able to rapidly respond to communication with nary a thought, by quickly hitting "reply" or "send". Previously work was printed or typed out, and in some sort of hard form communicated to the receiver. With the advent of faster communication, much of the formality of business communication is lost. We are able to reply to business associates with single words, or parsed phrases, potentially causing miscommunication in the absence of formalized accepted practices of communication.

    The benefits of this speed are the ability of workers to rapidly communicate, place orders, confirm details, and make plans. Less attention is spent on each message, and communication is more voluminous. More than "60 billion e-mails are sent per day" (Maildistiller, 2012).

    Furthermore, we are no longer bound as much to geographical locations. Technology has enabled us to communicate as quickly with associates in China as with our co-worker in the next cubicle. Speed has flattened our business world, creating business equals among all levels of staff with the speed of a keystroke.

    Utilizing spell check is revolutionary. Whereas a bottle of Wite-Out or the typewriter's correction tape was ever present on the secretary's desk, now we can each check our documents for correct spelling and grammar before sending our message on the way. In fact, in part as a result of this technology, secretaries are less valuable, no ...

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    This detailed solution identifies multiple technical advancements that have had a significant impact on written correspondence in the workplace. It discusses the advantages/disadvantages of each, and includes examples and APA references.