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Identify and analyze three major business trends that impact management

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Identify and analyze three major business trends that have or could have a significant impact on management. Use current research to support your analysis. Explain if and how answering how managment addresses these trends.

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The major trends identified that have a significant impact on management include the following:

? Advancements in technology

Innovative technology strengthens today's corporate infrastructure. As a result of organizations constant need to reinvent themselves, new technology has transformed the way in which management interacts with staff members to ensure everyone is on the same wavelength. Many organizations can attribute most of its success to continuous re-development through change implementation. Technology is the driving force behind change management which is one of the most important factors in organizational management (OM) and organizational development (OD). A manager has a responsibility to ensure organizational processes are functioning properly. Smooth organizational processes are only guaranteed if management integrates the necessary upgrades. For example, several years ago, personal computers (PC's) used floppy disks, long before the "Flash, thumb, USB, or junk drive" (which are commonly used terms to describe a "disk"). When computers began to make the transition from floppy to flash drive, floppy disks struggled to operate effectively, as a matter of fact, putting a floppy disk in a computer that once contained a compartment for a floppy disk would freeze instantly and cause a PC user to shut the computer down altogether and reboot. As the computers were transitioning, PC users had to automatically use the new disks instead of the floppy and possibly risk losing a significant amount of data because floppies were becoming obsolete. This example is relatable to how management must automatically upgrade their services for employees and consumers in order to ensure a smooth transition from "old" processes to "new" processes. This is one of the main problems managers face which is anything relating to change. Employees who have used a system for several years find it difficult to adjust to change regardless of the positive impact the change could have on the organization as a whole.

Nevertheless all change is not ...

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