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    Training Expenses

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    How have today's "virtually" developed technologies and cost efficient methods of training been implemented within the business industry? Is it cost effective?

    With the diminishing of financial resources, how will technology training continue to do more while advancing in technology in order to train its employees?

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    Virtual Technology (Rationale & Validation)

    Virtual technology is the purposeful application of taking a tangible process and transforming it into a more effective and efficient intangible functioning system. These intangible methods usually have a distinctive intention to be cost-effective and economical. Conventional systems usually require more labor, time, space, and so forth. These conventional systems have been innovated through the use of virtual technology.

    Virtual Technology (Implementation)

    Virtual technology has been implemented in the business industry in a variety of cost-effective methods. From the standpoint of human resource functions in business, two cost efficiencies provided by virtual technology are hiring and training. The technology has saved companies hundreds, thousands, and millions of dollars by ...

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    This solution discusses technology and cost efficiency of training in business.