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Calculating Break Even of the Workshops

Training Revenue (200 x 20 x $300) $1,200,000
Less Expenses:
Trainer costs (200 x 2 x $1500) 600,000
Manager's Salary 120,000
Training officer 90,000
Administrative staff 80,000
Utilities/phone costs 20,000
Manuals for participants 120,000
Advertising costs 125,000
Postage & other miscellaneous costs 9,450
Total expenses $ 1,164,450

Income from operations $35,550
Common Allocated costs (10% of revenue) 120,000
Net Income or (loss) $(84,450)

I need assistance - Given that allocated costs at 10% of revenue, how do you calculate the number of workshops that must be offered to break-even - step by step and also, what if was $1000 per workshop, how do i calculate break even? Thanks

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This solution shows step-by-step calculations to determine the break even costs of the workshops using revenues, variable cost, income and allocated costs.