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Breakeven workshops

During 2008, the Training Department of Firm XYZ conducted 200 workshops with 20 individuals in each. The charge per individual was $300. This is the maximum number of workshops that can be held in a year. The firm employs 2 Admin. Assistants, 1 Training Officer, and 1 Manager on a permanent basis. 2 Part-time trainers are hired as needed. Part-time trainers are paid $1,500 each per workshop.

Following are the results for 2008:

Training Department Revenue (200 x 20 x $300)= $1,200,000
Less expenses:
Trainer costs (200 x 2 x $1,500)= $600,000
Manuals for participants = $120,000
Postage % Misc costs = $9,450
Manager's salary = $120,000
Administrative Staff = $80,000
Training Officer = $90,000
Advertising costs = $125,000
Utilities/phone costs = $20,000

Total expenses: $1,164,450

Income from operations:(1,200,000 - 1,164,450)= $35,550

Common Allocated costs at 10% of revenue = $120,000

Net income or (loss): ($35,550 - $120,000) = ($84,450)

The question is: After determining the fixed and variable costs, given the allocated commom costs at 10% revenue, calculate the number of workshops needed to break even.

My question is: Are the common costs that are allocated at 10% of revenue considered to be fixed or variable in this case? (No other info is provided). I'll get different break-even levels depending on whether they are considered fixed or variable.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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A variable cost is one which changes with activity, while the fixed cost remains constant. In this case the common costs are allocated as 10% of revenue. This implies that the allocated common costs would change as the revenue changes and so are dependant on ...

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