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Maine Media Workshops: Market Analysis

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I need help creating a market analysis of the Maine Media Workshops business especially analyzing the main elements of Main Media Workshops brand equity by using Young and Rubicam's 'dimensions of brand personality. Their website is www.mainemedia.edu/

Please include any references. Thank you

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Step 1
Young & Rubicam brand asset valuation model uses four factors for evaluating brand value. These four factors are differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge.

Maine Media Workshops is a non-profit educational organization that offers year-round workshops for photographers, filmmakers, and media artists. The participants in the workshops are impressed by the beauty of the environment, the renowned faculty, and the state-of-art equipment.

Step 2
We use Young & Rubicam's first factor that is differentiation for evaluating Maine Media Workshops. The brand has the ability to stand apart from its competitors. Students from all over the world travel to attend the workshops. The Maine Media Workshops has been in existence since 40 years and has a wide variety of ...

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