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Budget Director Decision

You are the Budget Director for the State of Maine. It's a high-profile department, so you have several assistant directors over different divisions. Over the course of several months, you begin to notice personnel problems (e.g. low employee morale, many customer service complaints, etc.) in your economic forecasting division. You meet with the assistant director of this division several times to discuss the issues, but he assures you that everything is fine and that the problems are overblown. Nonetheless, when you don't see any improvement, you decide to conduct an organizational audit of the division and ask your department's legal advisor (attorney) to lead the project. After several weeks of interviewing employees and reviewing documents, the attorney finds severe mismanagement of the department by the assistant director, although there has been no financial malfeasance. Basically, the assistant director isn't managing his employees well and a change needs to be made.

Just as you're about to inform the assistant director of economic forecasting of his termination, the assistant director of the information technology division asks to speak to you privately. She informs you that, in conducting a regular analysis of the department's email system, she has found emails in the assistant director of economic forecasting's account that contain pornography. You immediately proceed with the termination, although soon thereafter, the media finds out and wants to know the reason behind the change in management.

Which information do you release to the media? The results of the audit? The report of email pornography? Both? Neither?

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I would release both. I would make the investigation and audit the primary reasons and the mismanagement and porn as the outcomes of the process. This ...

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