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    Reservation price and aspiration point

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    What should Nate's reservation price and aspiration point be and why?

    Not to sure what the appropriate answer would be in this case (please see attachment for case study)

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    Nate's reservation point and aspiration point be and why?

    Editorial Director
    Responsible for all editorial staffing and decision-making, including style, design, and content, for each magazine. Creates the annual budget for the editorial department. Reports to the president.
    Position held by Nate Demolick
    Nate, who was previously editor of Heritage Remodeler for 11 years, is new to the position of editorial director. Because his promotion is recent, many of the editors?and Nate himself, for that matter?are having difficulty adjusting to his new role as their leader. His difficulties are exacerbated by the fact that he is by nature a disorganized and grumpy fellow.

    Joaquin Aguero
    Responsible for all executives-level decision-making for Gallant Publishing Company.

    Joaquin grew up in cosmopolitan Caracas, Venezuela. He attended boarding school in the United States, and after receiving a B.A. in economics from Romaine University and an M.B.A. from United University, Joaquin returned to his native country and began his career as director of sales at his father's book publishing company. Following a promotion to vice president of sales at his father's firm, he received a lucrative offer from Gallant to join its team as managing director. Joaquin quickly became president of Gallant, and for the past 10 years he has led Gallant through many challenges and successes.

    Vice President of Sales
    Responsible for all sales decision-making and staffing, and ultimately, the fulfillment of sales goals for each magazine. Creates the annual budget for the sales department. Reports to the president.
    Position held by Alyssa Lah
    Alyssa has been with Gallant Publishing for only a year, but she has been in the magazine publishing industry for 22 years. Previously, she was publisher of a major international business magazine. Alyssa is a very motivated, strong, and busy person, and she has little patience for incompetence. She is formidable and uncompromising.

    Human Resource Policies
    This issue is related to the human resource management. A number of fundamental ...

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