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    Can media companies give non biased coverage of Apple

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    Can media companies give non biased coverage of Apple products since they are distributed through Apple's iTunes store? Approximately 350 words.

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    When thinking about negotiating, most people envision one person or one team of people sitting across the table from another. The individual parties eventually hammer out their differences or walk away. This characterization is often accurate. It describes how bosses and their direct reports deal with performance and pay issues, how an individual negotiates for the purchase of a new car or how someone might decide where and what type of commercial space to lease. Such negotiations are one-on-one and focus on a clear issue, and they are usually handled in a single meeting.

    In reality, many negotiations are not so simple. They involve more than two parties (for example a buy, seller, ...

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    The solution determines whether media companies can give non-biased coverage of Apple.