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    Communication Strategy & overcoming communication challenges

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    Please help with the following business communications problem.

    Describe the communication strategy for your organization or one that you are familiar with. Explain some of the common communication challenges and how they are overcome.

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    Most communication is done in writing, via email, in my organization, even if the people interacting are just an office away. Email appears to be easy, less confrontational, and is easier to track. My supervisor has a written rule that he wants everything in writing. In this manner, people are not always barging into his office asking questions, making requests, or reporting events. He can better manage the information and also manage the flow of information.

    One frequent challenge you hear in regards to email is that tone can be misunderstood. I am taking an online class currently in regards ...

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    This detailed solution describes an organization's communication strategy, and explains some of the common communication challenges and how they are overcome. It includes a link and examples.