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Just-In-Time (JIT) and Process Standardization

Recall and document the process steps follwed in a Dentist office.
1. Explain the JIT philosophy

2. Identify the customer expectations for the service and/or product

3. Describe the production process steps observed

4. Diagram a process flowchart

5. Describe the standardized and non-standardized process steps

6. State your opinion concerning the process effectiveness, efficiency, and measurements

7. Make recommendations for improving the process

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Running Head: JIT

JIT in Dental Office

JIT Philosophy
Just-in-Time approach could be defined as the operational philosophy that is the point of great interest of manufacturers and researchers from last several decades. In the current scenario, this philosophy is also implementing in the service sector. The JIT philosophy in the context of Dentist office can be defined as the philosophy that is used to reduce the time to process paperwork. The reduction in time to process paperwork also helps to reduce the time that is required by a dentist to receive an order (Duclos, Siha & Lummus, 1995). The JIT philosophy in the Dentist office also significant to reduce the cost of ordering and delay in providing services as it emphasizes on the processes that are used to produce a good or service in the organization. The JIT philosophy in dentist office helps to improve the process and increase the customer services.
Customer Expectation for the Services
To meet the expectations of customers are the most critical part in the service sector. The Dentist services also have some customer expectations. The customers expect from their dentist that they provide quality care by hygienic treatment or equipments. The latest technologies should be used and ...

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Just-In-Time and process standardization is examined.