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Word Problem : Medical Insurance Co-Payments

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On the medical insurance policy (such as BCBS), the policy holder may need to make co-payments for percriptions drugs, office visits, and proceduares until total of all co-payments reaches a specific amount. Suppose on the Gattelaro's medical policy that the co-payment for the percription drug is 50% of the cost; the co-payment for the office visit is $10; and the co-payment for all medical tests, x-rays, and other procedures is 20% of the cost. After the family's co-payment totals $500 in a calander year all medical and percription bills are paid in full by the inurance company. The Gattelaros had the following medical expenses from january 1 though april 30.

Date reason cost before co-payment

jan 10 office visit $40
Percription $44
Feb 27 office visit $40
medical test $188
april 19 office visit $40
x-ray $348
percription $76

a.) How much had the Gattelaros paid in co-payments from jan 1 though april 30?

b.) How much had the medical insurance company paid?

c.) What is the remaining co-payment that must be paid by the Gattelaros before the $500 co-payment limit is reached?

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a.) How much had the Gattelaros paid in co-payments from jan 1 though april 30?

3 office visits: $30
Total Prescriptions: ...

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