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writing an excutive summary

Healthcare Delivery System

Write an executive summary focusing on key elements with your final recommendations.

Include the insurance needs of your assigned family; issues of access, cost, and quality of care relative to your family.

Please use APA formatting and be sure to properly cite and reference any sources used.

Become familiar with Executive Summary format. Your post must be in Executive Summary Format. Imagine that I am a CEO of a company that will be making the decisions on the coverage you have recommended for your family. Make sure your presentation is concise and professionally written.

about this topic. Please help


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Executive Summary
The Hilar Family

This report was commissioned to examine the appropriate medical insurance needs for the Hilar family and to recommend a specific coverage which is inline with the family's need for access to quality care at an affordable price as related to their monthly budgetary concerns.

The research draws attention to the critical demographics of the Hilar family dynamics: Leslie Hilar is a 40 year old non-smoking male with no outstanding or chronic medical conditions. His wife, Bobby Hilar is a 25 year old ...

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