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    Fundamentals of Medical Terms

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    You are talking with some of the medical assistants at your work. A few of them were complaining that they did not understand why they needed to know terms that were associated with all of the body systems because they only deal with conditions and procedures in just a few systems.

    Answer the following question:
    1. Why is it so important to know terms that are associated with all of the different body systems even if you were to only work with one system?
    2. What is an example of a time where the body systems would be related?
    3. What are some steps you might take other than memorization to make learning medical terms easier?

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    When you work with only one system in the body, soon you will see that you need to learn also terms associated with all the different body systems because the body works as a unit not as separate systems. The best way to think about the body is to think about an efficient organization. In able to be efficient, this organization has different divisions (or departments) in charge of a specific labor. Each division has to perform in cooperation with others. The same way is the body. Each individual system has a specific function (labor) but depends on each other to "maintain or restore homeostasis, a state of relative constancy, of its internal environment" (National Cancer Institute, 2010, para. 1) in able to ensure survival.

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    The solution involves explainig why it is important to learn medical terms relating to all the body systems and not only of one system. It gives also steps that can be taken to memorize easier medical terms.