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    Consumer Resource Chart for Health

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    Resource Chart

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    1. Action: Getting vaccinated: Results in acquired immunity which can help protect the body against infection.
    Moderate regular exercise: Helps immunity by clearing the lungs, increasing body temperature to fight bacteria and by increasing the circulation of germ-fighting blood cells.
    Control anxiety: Increases cell-mediated immunity with an increased expression of blood cells that fight infection.
    Getting an adequate amount of sleep: Helps strengthen immunity by by decreasing the number of inflammatory cytokines- chemicals that make us more susceptibel to viruses and infection.
    Laugh: Helps to strengthen immunity by releasing neuropeptides that regulate it.
    Wash hands regularly: Helps strengthen immunity by preventing spread of germs that can come from obejcts we touch.

    2. A Board certified Physician is one who has completed specialty training and has passed all formal exams.
    3. There are no differences between a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree. Their degree and education requirements are the same.
    4. An allopathic doctor is a medical doctor who treats disease and injury using counteractive methods. For example they prescribe antiobiotics to kill bacteria that ...

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    The following solution shows a Consumer Resource Chart explaining some of the things people can do to stay healthy, it gives general information about various health professionals and gives of actions people take during various medical situations.