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Topics in Health and Wellness

Adaptation to terminal illness is demonstrated.

See Attached Case Study ?Select four categories from the list: o Age of patient o Previous illness adaptation history o Quality of life during palliative care o Length/term of illness before death o Psychological support o Social support o Medical support o Financial support o Living will/legal needs

Interview profile help

Choose a person who is close to your own age and interview that person to learn more about them. In addition to the interview compare and contrast the responses from your interview with your own responses to the same question. o Does the interviewee remember information more accurately if he/she observes the behavior being per

Approaches to change are noted.

Has anyone visited a womens's shelter or half-way house where behavioral and or cognitive-behavioral technigues or programs were/are used??? · What population participates in the program? · Who presents the program or interventions? · How is the effectiveness of their interventions measured? · How did they determine a

Demographic traits are emphasized.

Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 400 words. What are demographic traits and where do I find information for a group?

Type II diabetes is overviewed.

Describe Type II Diabetes. What is it? What lifestyle factors promote it? What lifestyle factors can you do to prevent it? Provide one nutritional supplement, could be herb, vitamin, or mineral that can help prevent or manage this disease. Describe what it does to prevent or manage the disease.

Child Abuse across Cultures

Identify a form of child abuse referenced in the first of these articles, and discuss the role of the health educator in preventing this specific type of abuse. In the U.S., a majority of parents admit to spanking their children on a regular basis, yet in Scandinavian countries, corporal punishment is banned in both public an

Student and instructor clinical performance

List three assessment strategies you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of a clinical instructor. What are some alternatives for working with a student who receives an unsatisfactory performance review in a clinical setting?

What if you inherited a large sum of money?

Your physician has just told you that you have a fatal and incurable illness. You have just eight weeks to live. On returning home from the physician's office, you decide not to go berserk today (perhaps tomorrow), at least not until you open your mail. There is an envelope with a strange return address on it, foreign stamps in

Negotiating and Contracting in the Managed Care Setting

Managed Care Organizations have legal departments or law firms that zealously represent their interests. Consequently, in the managed care environment, practitioners need to have some savvy when it comes to negotiation and contracting. The focus will be on the basics to negotiating and contracting in the managed care setting.

Secondary Level of Prevention

2. Levels of Prevention Prepare a 1,400 word paper in APA format addressing the level of prevention assigned to you by the faculty member in week one. The paper should include the following: a. Explain the level of prevention. b. How might this specific level of prevention be addressed in a community experiencing increasi

Evidence based practices (EBP)

I need help sorting out exactly what is (EBP) Evidence based practice? And also discuss the significance of EBP to occupational therapy practice. Please provide references. The process of evidence-based practice in occupational therapy: Informing clinical decisions By Sally Bennett and John W. Bennett

Childhood Development, Behavior and Media Influences

Please answer the following questions: 1. Discuss how watching television and playing video games contribute to the development of aggression and other antisocial behaviors. 2. Discuss the nature and significance of rough and tumble and sociodramatic play during the play years. 3. Differentiate four types of aggressio

Case Study Burn Injury

Case Study Burn Injury: 1-6 PLEASE IN OWN WORDS, if any references used please provide citation in paragraphs and reference page. Jennie, a 28 year old female, was involved in a motor vehicle accident on her way to work. She is a RN at the local acute care hospital. Jennie sustained partial thickness and full- thickness bur

A case study about myelomenigocele

I need help with this case study. Please answering the following (6) questions in own words, and as much information as possible, if you use references please include. Thank you. Your help is greatly needed. Case Study: Melissa is an 8-year-old girl with a diagnosis of myelomenigocele. Melissa's mother had a difficult

Discrimination in the Workplace: Internal Promotion and Hiring

Background: Nancy is a ten year experienced registered nurse working the evening shift in the post-operative ward at Haig Memorial Medical Center. Nancy wants to finish her graduate degree requirements and the needed courses are only offered in the evenings. Nancy 's supervisor, informs the staff of an upcoming opening in t

Discuss the importance of communication

Explain the basic process of effective communication, discuss the importance of communication in providing excellent customer service, and also discuss advantages and disadvantages of effective communication in the medical environment. Demonstrate effective communication skills in interacting with patients, healthcare profes

Mercury and Arsenic Poisoning

Can you help with the following question? What symptoms exist between the effects of exposure to mercury and arsenic? How could you distinguish the difference?

What are the common elements of most definitions of terrorism?

Please help with the following: 1. What are the common elements of most definitions of terrorism? 2. What are the debatable criteria and why? 3. International law has established limits on warfare, referred to as the just war theory. Describe these limitations and the difference between "jus ad bellum" and "jus in

Professional Liability and Negligence as a School Counselor

Professional Liability Select an allied health (non-physician) profession; this can be yours or another type. Discuss a situation where an individual in this profession might be held liable for negligence, as well as ways to proactively avoid or prevent that negligence. I need three pages of information double spaced. I n

Knowledge of medical terminology

You are a front office medical assistant. You are storing a patient record after a visit with the physician. You read the following note. Instructions You want to practice your knowledge of medical terminology, so you decide to rewrite the note without using medical terminology. This 40 YO F pt c/o epigastric pain. Lab te