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Needs Assessment with Waste management

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Describe how you would conduct a needs assessment process that aims at assessing the current problems related to the way trash is managed in the community, the existing resources or services available in their community to reduce/reuse/recycle and properly dispose of trash and how they may be improved?

and Describe how you would involve the community in the needs assessment process.

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I can say that where I came from (a major university town) to where I am now, there's a huge contrast, legislatively, environmentally and with the attitude and behavior of the people. The sentiment contrast is striking. Granted, in an urban region there are a whole different set of issues than in a remote rural area, but still, the philosophy and demands need to be addressed.

The unfortunate thing is that in earlier days, people used to bury their trash and the world and resources are not the same anymore. Some of the old thought must be adjusted. People in those days were not as educated as now, with regard to toxic contamination and other more current issues.

The most critical piece to this is the future and the next generation. Students MUST be influenced EARLY and empowerment for change ...