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    Feedback mechanisms

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    Describe 2 mechanisms (1 internal and 1 external) presently being used in your healthcare organization that sends feedback from the customers that have been serviced by your organization. Please be specific as to how these mechanisms work.

    Discuss the most frequently used methods of gathering information about client perceptions that are received.

    Please explain the strengths and weaknesses of "focus groups" that are frequently used for this process.

    Please cite resources!

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    Two mechanisms currently being used in my healthcare organization, to obtain customer feedback, are use of the comment card and use of a paper survey questionnaire, mailed to patients with a postage paid envelope, to send the completed survey back.

    The customer comment card asks general questions from patients, about how they perceived their visit on a specific day. It is placed near the patient check out window, where patients make payment for services and where follow up appointments or appointments with specialists are made. The comment box is placed near the check-out window, where patients can make use of the time waiting for an appointment to be scheduled, by completing the short survey and filling in the blank questions. The for asks patients if they are happy with the current day's treatment and if they plan on returning. I addition, the short answer questions ask ...

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    Two mechanisms currently used in a healthcare organization are clearly analyzed.