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Diagnosis to symptoms of muscle weakness and fatigue.

Jamie is a 31 year old female who recently started having symptoms of muscle weakness. She says that she gets fatigued easily and has even had some numbness in her fingers. She is afraid to drive at night because she is having trouble seeing clearly.

What could Jamie be diagnosed with?

What test can her medical team do to confirm this diagnosis?

What treatments are available for this disease and how will this disease affect her quality of life?

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The symptoms Jamie is having could be of Multiple Sclerosis. The central nervous system controls the body's functions. These activities pass through white matter, diseases that damage this produce a variety of symptoms. Having one or more of these symptoms does not mean Jamie has multiple sclerosis but she does need a medical checkup.

Diagnosing multiple sclerosis can be difficult as there are not specific tests for it. usually a neurologist is needed to make a ...

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A patient with a complaint of muscle weakness and fatigue. The patient also complains of weakness, 303 word essay describes a possible diagnosis and test used to confirm it. This essay has site references.