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    Anatomy: Diagnosis of Patient with Osteoarthritis.

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    Please read the case and answer the questions that follow.

    Mrs. Olivwer has pain and stiffness in the muscles and tendons of her shoulders, legs, and neck. She had osteoarthritis too. Her discomfort increases during stress. She is depressed.

    What may be the diagnosis?

    What is her substance P level?

    What are the other signs and symptoms?

    What are the treatments?

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    What may be the diagnosis?

    In patients with osteoarthritis joint pain increases with increased activity. This leads to "muscle guarding" i.e.. attempt to keep the painful joint immobile. This results in muscle and tendon fatigue and tenderness.

    What is her substance P level?

    Evidence of increase in substance P levels has been equivocal. However, it is generally believed that there is localized intraarticular and plasma/synovial fluid increase ...

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    This solution discusses the diagnoses for a patient with osteoarthritis. It goes into details such as her substance P level, signs, symptoms and treatments. The explanation is given in 246 words with three references.