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Anatomy of the circulatory system and white blood cells

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1) How does a differential leukocyte count aid in medical diagnosis?

2) In counting 100 leukocytes you are accurately able to distinguish 15 basophils. Is this a normal number for the white blood cell count, and what possible health implication can you draw from this?

3) Name all of the blood vessels that would carry a red blood cell from left ventricle to the right thumb?

4) List one possible pathways in the flow of blood from the left index finger to the right atrium of the heart?

5) List one possible pathways in the flow of blood from the dorsal venous arch of the foot to the right atrium of the heart?

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A CBC is often the first test a physician orders when a patient is sick, a CBC and peripheral differential can provide a doctor with valuable information about what is going on in a patient's body. This solution attempts to answer questions about the circulatory system, specifically blood flow paths from fingers and toes back to heart, and provides information about peripheral blood differential results. This solution explains why differentials are important in diagnosis and what increases in the different white blood cell counts might mean to a clinician.

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1) A differential count helps in diagnosis by distinguishing the predominant type of white blood cell, or by showing which types of cells are elevated or decreased. For example, an increased neutrophil count is usually diagnostic of a bacterial infection, whereas an increased lymphocyte count can indicate viral infection. Increased eosinophils and basophils are often linked to allergic ...

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