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The Lymphatic System

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Explain why the lymphatic system is a one-way system and the cardiovascular system is a two way system. How can material be moved through the lymphatic system? how does the anatomy of the lymphatic system correlate to this function?

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First, a quick overview of the cardiovascular circulatory system (CV). The CV consists of the heart (pump) blood vessels, including arteries, arterioles, capillaries veins and venules, and blood, which had plasma and formed products (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets).

The heart pumps blood to the body systems and lungs via arteries. It is under pressure and arteries have no valves. The venous system is the pipes that return blood from the system and lungs. Because the blood has gone from the high-pressure artery system through the tiny capillaries to gain access to the venous system, it is no longer under high pressure. The veins below the shoulders have one-way valves. The blood in the venous system returns to the heart through gravity (from the shoulders to the head, which is why you do not need valves in a normally upright human); and through the movement ...

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This solution explains the lymphatic system and how it transports material.

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