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Lymphatic System and Adrenal Cortex

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Oh...my crazy lymphatic system!

Marie sat quietly in the back of the class feeling relaxed, even though this was her first college class. "Here goes; this is the beginning of my future," she excitedly thought. As the teacher walked to the front of the room, Marie suddenly felt dizzy and broke into a cold sweat.

Marie was undergoing the first phase of the GAS. Although she did not consciously realize it, she was stressed over beginning her college career. As the teacher walked in, Marie's body began the "fight or flight" response of the alarm stage. Energy reserves are being mobilized, blood glucose levels are rising, and epinephrine levels are increasing. Her blood pressure, respiratory and heart rate are increasing, and her sweat glands are stimulated. In situations like this one, the stress response is inappropriate and Marie is experiencing a panic attack.

What was happening to her? What is the natural course of these events

Please include some References that I can look up please.

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Mary's lymphatic system is taking action. The body is as we all know, is 60% water by weight. About 15% of that is considered lymph and intersititial fluid. Lymph carries excess water, proteins, cellular debris, metabolic waste and etc. The lymphatic system is composed of various sizes of vessels and nodes that return lymph fluid back to your venous system. The sweat that she is having comes from the lymph nodes.
When Mary is experiencing the fight or flight response, it describes a ...

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This solution diagnoses Marie's condition and explains what is happening to her lymphatic system. It describes the flight or flight mechanism and also includes references for further understanding.