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    Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

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    Read the following scenario. Answer question and give references.

    Patient Scenario

    Dr. Johnston didn't like what he saw. The x-rays of Gladys Gwynn's hip showed a fracture of the femoral neck and severe osteoporosis of the hip. Mrs. Gwynn had been admitted to the orthopedic ward of Hamilton Hospital following a fall that morning at Sunny Meadows, an assisted living facility. The accident had occurred when Sheri Smith, a new aide, lost her grip while helping Mrs. Gwynn in the shower.

    A frail but alert and cheerful woman of 85, Gladys Gwynn has osteoarthritis and osteoporosis that forced her to rely on a walker. She had been living at Sunny Meadows since her husband's death 4 years ago. Dr. Johnston knew that she did not have any relatives in the area, and he did not think that she had signed a health care power-of-attorney designating someone to help with medical decisions like this.

    A total hip replacement (THP) would be the logical treatment for a younger patient because it could restore some of her lost mobility. However, for a frail patient like Mrs. Gwynn internal fixation of the fracture might be the treatment of choice. This would repair the break, but not improve her mobility.

    Dr. Johnston needed to make a decision soon, but Mrs. Gwynn was still groggy from the pain medication. With one more look at the x-ray, Dr. Johnston sighed and walked toward Mrs. Gwynn's room ...

    1. Mrs. Gwynn has both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Describe both of these conditions. Which of these conditions increased Mrs. Gwynn's risk of bone fracture? Why? List 2 bones commonly fractured in patients with this condition. You must include at least one web reference in your post. (OSTEOARTHRITIS OR OSTEOPOROSIS).

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    Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of joints via the breakdown of cartilage, resulting in less mobility at the joint. Osteoporosis is the breakdown of the bone itself. It ...

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