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Discuss: Misdiagnosis in Healthcare

Please address the following questions:
- What are some factors inherent in our healthcare system that lead to misdiagnosis errors?
- What are some solutions to these problems?

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Misdiagnosis errors can come from a system problem or practitioner error. Often physicians are under time constraints because of the many patients waiting to be seen. They may not be given adequate time to think through the diagnosis. The physician may be thinking of a certain diagnosis that needs to be verified with lab work, x-ray, CAT scans or other diagnostic tests. Suppose the lab mixes up the blood or the x-ray is reported back on the wrong patient, then a misdiagnosis will occur.

In the past several years ...

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This 340 word solution discusses some system problems and practitioner errors which can lead to the misdiagnosing of patients. A few examples are provided to make this clear.