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    Teaching visual, auditory and kinesthetic students

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    You have been assigned to teach a group of students about a topic related to models of behavior change. The students within this group display learning styles that include visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Compare two technological instructional methods or materials for this topic and this group of students and their abilities to enhance learning.

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    The proposed plan:

    One half of the class will work with the teacher on a writing lesson, with the goal of improving both syntax and writing technique. The whole group will hear and watch a short lesson on writing a paragraph, which includes a character, a plot, and a setting, where those will be the same for all students.



    Goes grocery shopping

    The letter G (g), e, a and o will be highlighted for this activity. The teacher will demonstrate on the board how each letter is to be written on an eisle The students will ...

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    Computer programs, using an electronic pen and Venn diagrams are some of the ideas covered with visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching strategies.