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    Mediocre doctors

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    What are the factors that produce or develop mediocre doctors? How can this mediocrity be measured? How do we bring mediocrity to a minimum?

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    First of all there is a need to clarify what defines mediocrity. Lets portray a mediocre doctor. A mediocre doctor would be the one who manages the routine, daily life cases adequately but gets stuck with the not so common ailments. Or fails to recognize the atypical presentation of common problems. He would probably under-treat some while over treat others a little every now and then, but obviously staying within the margin of safety and the accepted norm. He is definitely not incapable to the extent of harming his patients but he surely doesn't always benefit them too and the natural course of the disease at times works in is favor and masks his incompetence. He is not in touch with the recent developments and changes in strategies in his field and doesn't follow the evidence based medicine. Apart from the mediocrity in terms of clinical acumen, the patient-doctor interaction is something equally important. Medicine is not just about diagnosing the problem and treating it. It involves understanding and satisfying the patient as well. There has to be a spiritual and psychological aspect to ...

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    The factors that produce or develop mediocre doctors are determined. How this mediocrity is measured is determined.