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Finance Managers and Mediocre Managers: A Comparison

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Need some help knowing the distinction between a financial manager and a mediocre manager

How the distinction between a financial manager and a mediocre manager is the management of risk?

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In your posting, you want to distinguish a financial manager from a mediocre manager. In addition, you are also tasked to distinguish between financial manager and mediocre manager in terms of management of risk. I suggest the following outline:
1. Distinction between a financial manager and a mediocre manager
2. Financial manager and management of risk
3. Mediocre manager and management of risk
4. Links and references

Suggested discussion:

Managerial mediocrity has been identified as a contributing or principal cause in many government failures, such as those involving the fight against terrorism, the Columbia space shuttle disaster, and environmental mismanagement (Berman and West, 2003).

Berman and West (2003) further describe the manifestations of managerial mediocrity as: "passing the buck, dodging responsibility, artfully avoiding blame by hiding behind rules, persistent misjudgment, people-pleasers, compromisers, lack of initiative, and they often drive outstanding employees away through lack of support or understanding of outstanding performance".

Qualities of a good financial manager are:
• an aptitude to motivate staff
• proficiency at ...

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This is a comparison between finance managers and mediocre managers in terms of risk management.

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